The Most Expensive Mattress Money Can Buy and Why You Absolutely Need One

A lot of luxury items are just to show off, but listen: If you spend a little extra on a mattress, you’ll live longer. A good night’s sleep is everything. If you get a full eight hours with no interruptions, you feel better, you’re healthier, old injuries seem to heal up on their own. A good mattress is as close as you’re going to get to a fountain of youth. So whether or not you feel like spending the extra clamshells to get one of the mattresses we discuss below, do yourself a favor and replace that dusty old twin mattress with something nice. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

So now that we’ve established that a pricey mattress is absolutely worth it, what are the most expensive mattresses in the world? Well perhaps the most astonishingly expensive would be the custom made mattresses produced by…


Kluft mattresses offer basic mattresses that will run you a few grand just for the standard model. But the real value with a Kluft comes when you custom order a mattress. The brand makes custom-tailored mattresses for celebrities and royalty going up to sixty thousand, even a hundred and forty thousand dollars. These are mattresses made with special materials like rare furs and so on. These options don’t really make the mattress any better on a functional level, but they definitely bring the elegance of the brand up a few extra points by including things like:

  • Mink
  • Cashmere
  • Suede trim
  • Egyptian cotton

If you’re used to picking up some twenty dollar flop house mat from a thrift store any time you need a new bed, it can be shocking to find that some people own mattresses that are worth more than a handmade Italian sports car. Truth be told, however, the best mattresses are really the simple ones. All that fur and silk is nice and everything, but when you’re fast asleep, who cares?

If you want the utmost in design without all the bells and whistles, you’re probably looking for a…

Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress

The Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress is one of the pricier everyday mattresses available at around sixteen hundred bucks. A mere fraction of what Kluft’s priciest models go for, but about as good as any mattress available where it counts: The comfort. If you could sleep on a cloud, it would feel just like this. The mattress uses an eight layer system with a Cashmere Blend, encased coils and specially engineered high density foams. It even uses a ventilated cooling system to keep you from waking up all sweaty.

Do You Need A Pricey Mattress?

Here’s the short answer:


Maybe you don’t need to save up a year’s salary to buy a mattress, but… maybe a month’s income will do the trick? Sure, at six figures you’re buying the brand name more than the comfort, but if you’re spending less than five hundred bucks on a mattress, you’re not getting the most out of every night. Once you’ve slept on a high-end mattress it’s very hard to go back to the same old mats that feel like a well-beaten pillow stuffed into a potato sack.

Before you spend extra on a car, before you spend extra on an HDTV or a vape mod or a motorcycle, we recommend putting a few extra bucks into your mattress. Think of it as an investment: When you start sleeping on a great mattress, you’ll be sharper, smarter and more energetic every morning. That means you’ll be better at your job, and you’ll get a promotion, and within a month you’ll probably have earned yourself a bonus to the tune of three times what you spent on the mattress.

The Most Expensive Vape Mod You Can Buy: Why it’s totally worth it

It can be difficult to track the most expensive vape mod in the world. They’re coming out with new gear every day, so by the time you read this, the items discussed here probably won’t be the most expensive in the world anymore. Not to mention you could always have something custom-made for a higher price just to prove us wrong, and the mass-produced market’s most expensive vape mod is going to be different than the limited editions and hand-made ones, and of course, just because someone puts a high price on a vape mod doesn’t mean anyone’s going to pay it. But, to be clear, there is a premium market for vape mods, and these are some of the priciest in the world.

The Glas Ti

One of the priciest vape mods in the world, the Glas Ti is pure class all the way through. This is the Escalade of vape mods. Here’s why it’s cool:

  • The internals of the Glas Ti are actually silver plated with a gold plated magnet
  • The button is made of crystal
  • The body of the mod is solid titanium, which is where it gets the "Ti" in its name

This thing has more precious metal in it than some wedding rings.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how fancy it is if it’s not also functionally impressive. Luckily, it’s very functionally impressive. The Glas Ti is loaded down with really stunning features that will make for a great vaping experience. One of the most impressive features is the self-adjusting plunger, fully automated. There’s also a one hundred eighty degree lock ring, and the battery life is pretty incredible.

What’s It Cost?

The Glas Ti is produced by Glas Vapor. The mod will run you about three hundred seventy five. With a little care and maintenance, though, this might be the last vape mod you ever buy. Unlike many expensive items, vape mods are more like expensive cars or gaming laptops. Yeah it costs a little more, but you’re paying for quality, not just the status symbol that comes with having a jewel encrusted skateboard or something. So consider the three seventy five an investment so that you don’t have to keep buying replacement vape mods and replacement parts and so on.

The Runner Up…

If you can’t get your hands on one of these, we really like the Templario mod. In fact, we kind of like it more. It goes for a little cheaper at three hundred bucks, but it has such a beautiful design to it you’d guess it to be the pricer mod. Designed by Pedro Miguel, the mod comes in a cool little wooden bottle, features a brass body with a really neat enamel ruby cross and a sword engraving, and it looks like a really small bottle of expensive scotch. Low voltage drop, hybrid connection, just a really great all-around mod. It’s hard to get your hands on one of these, though. At three hundred bucks it’s just the right kind of luxury item, the type that’s pricey, but not so pricey that a typical vaper can’t save up their nickels and dimes for a few weeks and buy one.

With vape mods, that extra money you spend on quality really goes a long way.

Longer lasting batteries, more durable builds and just having a really cool vape mod to pull out of your pocket and toke on, it’s just a better experience, and spending a little extra now might save you a lot of money in the long run. These vape mods are not only expensive, they’re also just really, really well-made little machines for people who appreciate craftsmanship.

The Most Expensive Pro Scooter and What Makes it Worth It

When you’re tootling around town you want to do so in style. You want to look cool. Whether you’re just out for a stroll around the block or you’re with friends hitting the local park, you want a supreme set of wheels. If you don’t have a driver’s license yet or you’re into preserving the environment, you can’t go wrong with a scooter. Scooters are perfect for days when you just need a little extra oomph. Two wheels and you’re on your way. If you have someone who needs an extra special birthday present or you’re wanting some nice wheels of your own, you want a pro scooter. The most expensive pro scooter delivers all that and more. 

The Kota Icon Complete Pro Scooter is the scooter to make all other scooters drool with envy.

  • It’s rugged and sturdy 
  • It’s lightweight 
  • It’s incredibly easy to handle 

The Kota Icon Complete Pro Scooter

Stylish scootering requires a stylish scooter. The makers of the Kota understand this. They know that you want to look like a pro no matter where you are or what surface you’re using to roll along. This is why they created the Kota Icon. The Kota Icon will quickly become your best friend. This is the scooter you buy when you’re serious about your choice in scooter. It’s also the scooter you buy when you want to surprise and delight someone you love very much. 

Stands Up To Heavy Use

When you get on that scooter you don’t want to take baby steps. You want a full ride. You want the wind beneath your wings and in your hair. You also want to be able to use that scooter wherever you please. The Kota is made for business. The Kota has wheels that are thick enough to stand up to many yards of riding but move easily. The Kota also has a very study aluminum frame that means you can do all the tricks you want and not worry your scooter is going to fall out from under your and make you look stupid in front of your friends. 

Highly Portable

Another advantage of this scooter is just how lightweight it is. Unlike some heavier models, this one won’t weigh you down. At a mere 109 ounces it’s made for travel. So bring it anywhere you like. You can head down the hill or stuff it in the back of your trunk. No need to worry that it’s hard to carry. You can pop it under layers of clothing or in the back seat and still get a dozen things in the truck along the way. The scooter folds up in a second. It’s so highly compact most adults can hold a baby, a pile of groceries and still have extra room. 

An Easy Ride

When you’re looking for adventure, you want to get on the road. You want a scooter that is easy to ride. This is the Kota. Experts have designed the frame to be easy to use even if you’ve never used a scooter in your life. Get on this one and the world is yours. You have all you need to be free as a bird. 

The Most Expensive Quadcopter and What Makes Them So Valuable

Model airplanes are for nerds, but quadcopters are for cool dudes

People have been flying model airplanes at the park for decades. The tiny electric or gas-powered aircraft have generally been a hobby for children or more nerdy adults who like to build things that fly. Model airplane flying, like kite flying, is a harmless occupation as long as one follows safety rules.

Modern technology has made flying pint-sized, remote-controlled aircraft cool. Quadcopters especially, because they are nimble vehicles with four rotor blades, are highly maneuverable and can fly rings around those old-fashioned model airplanes. Quadcopters just look more impressive when they flit about, hovering one moment, soaring the next. They are great for having races with your buddies or just showing off at the park or other area where such aircraft are allowed.

What is the most expensive quadcopter?

Actually, the most expensive quadcopter is really an octocopter because it has eight rotor blades. This aircraft is the Freefly ALTA 8, a professional-sized vehicle that is designed for aerial cinematography. The B & H Photo Video site describes it thus:

The ALTA 8 from Freefly is an octo-rotor configuration UAS for aerial cinematography. Designed to work in conjunction with a MoVI gimbal (available separately), the ALTA 8 will support payloads up to 20 pounds, making it ideal for today’s lightweight cinema cameras. The ALTA 8 allows the gimbal to be mounted above, as well as below, the aircraft, enabling ‘sky view’ shots.”

This aircraft can be yours for just north of $18,0000.

What makes the ALTA 8 so valuable?

Clearly, you’re not going to buy such an expensive aircraft to show off and have races with. Bigger may often be better, but another principle exists, which states that the clever man finds a way to get paid for his hobbies. Taking a quadcopter to fly on the weekends may be satisfying, but getting paid to do so during the week is even more so.

According to Air Drone Craze, you can make money with your expensive ALTA 8 the following ways:

  • Journalism, filming, and aerial photography
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Disaster management
  • Search, rescue, and healthcare
  • Geographic mapping
  • Structural safety inspection
  • Precision agriculture
  • Wildlife management
  • Law enforcement
  • Monitoring construction sites
  • Storm tracking

A lot of companies will hire an independent contractor to do their drone work. That is where you come in. With a little training and a little investment, you can have the joy of flying a remote-controlled aircraft and at the same time have the even greater joy of being paid to do so.

While your buddies work at humdrum, cubicle jobs, trapped in an office building, consigned to wear office attire, you can work outdoors, wear pretty much what you like, and provide a valuable service for companies and people. An old saying exists that it’s not really work if you love what you’re doing. Your friends will be impressed. If you make a lot of money, women will be even more impressed, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Do you have a pricey quadcopter? Tell us all about it on Twitter or drop us a line. Until next time – Monocle Life!

The Most Expensive Gaming Setup: Dumb Purchase or Totally Worth It?

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a gaming setup you might be an addict

Gaming addition is a recognized psychological disorder, whether the person suffering from it is an eight year-old child or a 40 year-old nerd with no social life, According to Livestrong, the symptoms of gaming addiction consist of the following:

  1. Preoccupation: You think about gaming all the time to the exclusion of all else.
  2. Health problems: You think you can sit and play with a joystick for hours a day, eating Hot Pockets, and not get obese?
  3. Relationship problems: If you spend time alone for all of your off-hours in a virtual world, who needs friends?
  4. Increased aggression: Shoot ‘em up games are especially culprits for this sort of thing.
  5. Poor performance at school or work: This one is self-explanatory.

But you want that most expensive gaming setup, anyway

Let’s suppose that you don’t care about your gaming addiction. You can quit anytime. In the meantime, you got money to burn, and you want the most technology for the best experience. lists the best existing gaming setups as of this moment. One, owned by someone called DJWipSpeed is described thus:

Here we have a gamer’s deepest and greatest desire. The whole room is set up with three different PCs, each with a different purpose. If you are looking for the perfect gaming place to have a game night with your friends, then this is the best you can get. Each PC is powered with a Core i7 and Nvidia GTX GPUs. With dark-colored hardware and green and red lighting, in the systems and in the back respectively, this gaming dungeon looks breathtaking and picture-perfect.

No price is listed, but one suspects that it runs to the tens of thousands of dollars.

Why it’s still a dumb purchase

The problem with dropping the price of a luxury car on a gaming setup is that the useful life is limited by its likely obsolescence. The one constant about electronic toys is that the technology continues to advance. The cool setup you have now will be stone knives and bear skins in about five years, and you’ll find yourself replacing the lot for even more money. If you are a gaming addict, you may have lost the ability to make that much money.

Sooner or later, gaming technology will have advanced enough so that all you have to do is jack in, and you’ll be in a virtual world: no monitors, keyboards, or controllers needed. Imagine a fantasy roleplaying game in which you are a character in a world that’s like reality except magic that is real, and the NPC elf princess really thinks you’re hot.

If you have the money, you’ll be able to check out of reality altogether and have your body taken care of by medical professionals, as if you were a coma patient, and stay in that world where you’re the hero. In the meantime, don’t waste your money on a gaming cave. 

On the other hand, maybe you could go outside and experience the real world. Imagine that.

The Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle: Totally Worth It?

Up your game with a paddle that understands who you are.

Ping pong. Two words to describe one of the world’s most amusing games. Ping pong is a lot of fun to watch. Stand back and let some of the people with the world’s best hand eye coordination go through their moves right in front of you. Even if you’re not an Olympics caliber player yourself, you can still have fun. A great game of ping pong is a chance for some fabulous exercise and an opportunity to show off your personal athletic skills at the same time. If you’re going to do the game really right, you want only the best. You want a killer ping pong paddle. You want the Stylo7 SVR Limited Edition Paddle

  • Fast 
  • Light 
  • High performance

Fast and Furious 

Ping pong is a game of fast fury. The ball goes back and forth and back and forth again. You want a paddle that can respond to your every move. You want a paddle that lets you concentrate on finding the ball rather than remembering where you put your feet. This is why experts and game lovers alike covet the Stylo7 SVR. They want a paddle that can keep up with them. A paddle like this lets you catch the ball and catch it as fast as it comes at you. This paddle knows where you’re going and brings you there quickly. 

Really Light

People also love the Stylo because it’s incredibly light. With a wood base, it still has the heft you need to show you’ve still got that perfect form even ten years after college. The ping pong paddle has seven layers of carbon fiber. Carbon feels great in the hands. Carbon fiber is like the best friend you never knew you wanted. When you put this paddle in your hands, you get power but you also get ballerina lightness at the same time. You can whirl, twirl and catch that ball even when it’s practically a foot above your head. You have the ping pong paddle that is like having a third hand.

High Performance 

Expert players and even not so expert players know that the paddle is where the action is. This is why they love how the Stylo understands the game almost as much as they do. The handle and the surface of the paddle act as one and the same. This is a tournament quality item. You can hit the local gym or just your backyard gathering with a great sense of confidence knowing you have the paddle you want at your every beck and call. The careful flare of the handle has been specially designed to fit in anyone’s hand and help them relax. The Nitrx 4Z rubber surface provides just enough grip without getting tacky. If you’re heading out, don’t worry. Bring it with you. The Stylo comes with an equally stylish carrying case. It’s lined and portable. There’s a molded interior that fits it like a glove. So stride with confidence the next time someone challenges you to a killer game of ping pong anywhere. You’ve got this. You’ve got the killer racket and you’ll use it to demolish any and all comers. 

Why Bulldogs Are So Expensive and What Makes Them So Special

Bulldog owners are a rabid bunch, loving their adorable and wrinkly little friends what may seem like an excessive amount to "normal humans". These little guys and gals are incredibly expensive to raise and breed, which is one of the many reasons they are considered to be so special by dog lovers. Keeping a bulldog healthy throughout its life can cause some definite challenges. Bulldogs are extremely susceptible to myriad disorders such as cherry eye, hip dysplasia, allergies and interdigital cysts that can form between their cute (yet manly!) little paws. Their funny faces, silly antics, and shuffling gates will melt your heart. The downside is that these sweet and pricey pooches are unlikely to live past the age of 10

Difficulties with Breeding

Bulldogs require an exceptional amount of care during their breeding, delivery and the early weeks of the pups’ lives. Breeders need to be fully committed to taking care of their small pets, as 90 percent of bulldog mothers need to have a C-section as they’re unable to give birth naturally. Bulldog babes have heads and shoulders that are simply too large to be born through natural methods. Even starting the pregnancy can be tough: bulldogs often require artificial insemination and females need to be tested for the correct progesterone levels multiple times during their breeding cycle. Each test may require a visit to a veterinarian or the breeder must have the knowledge to perform the tests themselves. 

Safely Raising Pups

Once the cute little wrinkly bundles are born, bulldog moms are much more likely to roll over on them than to feed them, meaning the pups will need round-the-clock care in the first few weeks until they’re strong enough to fend for themselves a bit more. Moms often need supplements to help produce enough milk for her growing puppies, and even tend to develop mastitis — a painful infection of the breasts that develops during nursing. If this happens, the pups are unlikely to be able to nurse again and will need hand feeding every few hours! 

Finding Reputable Breeders

Have you found a breeder that you trust? If not, here’s some of the things you should look for:

  • Recommendations from friends
  • The breeder should only be selling AKC Certified bulldogs
  • Find someone who feeds their dogs excellent quality food

If you have any concerns at all that your breeder is taking good care of their pets, contact another trusted local breeder or the ASPCA for information on how to proceed. High quality food is especially important for this particular breed, as low nutritional quality has been linked to other health ailments. 

Staying Healthy is a Challenge

Bulldogs require extensive care during birth, delivery and care of their pups — one of the many reasons they’re so special and expensive!

Now that you’ve found a reputable breeder, selected your ideal puppy and have brought your little darlin’ home — you’re looking at some pretty series investments in terms of keeping your pup healthy. From allergies and skin issues to the scary hip or elbow dysplasia, you could easily be looking at thousands of dollars of veterinarian bills over your bully’s lifespan. 

Sure, there are some health issues, and finding a reputable breeder may be a chore, but the Instagram-ready look of these little love bugs is just too much to resist. Bulldogs are friendly, fun and even great with kids! Plus, if you take a bulldog with you to the park, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have people stop you to ask about your unusual (and adorable!) pet. 

The Most Expensive Muscle Cars Ever Sold: The 8-Cylinder Story

They’re classically beautiful, powerful, loud, fast, and come with a price tag large enough to bankrupt a small nation. If you’ve ever watched a season of Comedians Riding in Cars Getting Coffee, you’ve probably seen a few of these glorious bad boys being driven around by Jerry Seinfeld.

But there’s more to these classic cars than just muscle and beauty. They are reminders of a high time in American culture when things were simpler, maybe more honest… maybe not. But where these amazing cars really shine is that they are not jammed up with overly complex computer systems, and there’s very little plastic used in their design. They’re relatively easy to maintain- and evoke a sensibility of independence since just about anyone with sufficient passion could learn to work on them.

But, of course, being beautiful and high commodities among collectors, the finest of these cars come with very, very high price tags. Here are the three most expensive muscle cars ever sold.

#3 1967 Shelby GT500e Super Snake

You’d be hard-pressed to find a muscle car that’s rarer than the 1967 Shelby GT500e Super Snake. This fine example of American automotive engineering came with a high price tag at its introduction in 1967 and was only available by special order. Oddly, no one ordered this particular car. One look at this beast, and it’s clear why the price is so high. It’s pearl and black with tinted windows and looks absolutely delicious. Only one Super Snake was made and it sold for $1.3 million.

The Runners Up

  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 427 LS6 – $1.15 million
  • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – $500,000
  • 1966 Shelby Cobra Roadster – $1 million
  • 1968 Chevrolet Corvette L88 – $880,000
  • 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 – $825,000
  • 1970 Hemi Cuda Convertible – $1.5 million

#2. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88

The first Corvettes to be powered by the famous L88 engine were released to the public in 1967. Just 20 of them were manufactured in ‘67 and the model rapidly became the most coveted cars by Corvette collectors. This vehicle was fully restored after it had been destroyed during a race. Astonishingly, it still has the original body panels and was the last 1967 Corvette L88 to retain the original body panels. This beautiful cherry red classic was sold at a 2013 Mecum Auto auction for $2.3 million.

The final vehicle on our list is a real stunner and worth every penny. The number 1 muscle car on our short list comes from Plymouth, the venerable 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible 4-speed.

#1. The 1971 Convertable Hemi Cuda

This glorious piece of machinery is the “Holy Grail” of muscle cars. It’s a proud member of the class of muscle cars to sport the 1971 Hemi engine. The only difference between this car and other 1971 Hemi Cudas is, it’s one of only two Hemi Cudas from ‘71 that features a 4-speed transmission. This hard-charging masterpiece is the last 4-speed convertible of its kind due to the fact that the other 4-speed convertible Hemi Cudas from 1971 have been lost and their whereabouts are a mystery to the classic car circuit. This deep blue roadster was sold at the 2014 Mecum Auto auction for a cool $3.5 million dollars. It was easily the most expensive muscle car that has ever been sold at an auction, or anywhere else for that matter. It holds the record as the most expensive Chrysler ever made.

The Most Expensive Coral and Why It’s So Valuable

Hobbies are the very stuff of life. Nothing says fun more than an opportunity to spend hours thinking about something fun and bringing it to life. Such is the case with people who love the oceans. Many people love the oceans so much they want to bring them right into their very own living rooms. The ocean’s pretty big and it’s not going to fit. So many people do the next best thing: they create an aquarium. And what better to put in an aquarium than coral? Sure fish are lovely. But they need a place to swim. They also need a place to hid. Coral serves both purposes.

Impress Your Friends — And The Fish! 

When you create an aquarium you generally want to do two things: you want to make yourself happy and you want to make the things you put in the aquarium happy. This is why the Bounce Mushroom coral is so valued. People who love coral love this one because: 

  • It’s very large 
  • It is very beautiful 
  • It’s easy to care for 

The Bounce Mushroom Coral

The Bounce Mushroom coral is coral done right.

Coral is a living creature. Found in warm waters all over the world, they’ve long been a favorite for those who head down below. Very few things are more inspiring than heading down a stretch of water at ten feel below and seeing a coral reef. As long as the reef is not dotted with sharks and dangerous fish, coral is generally a safe space for human beings. One of the most amazing things about coral is just how easy it is to bring it home. Not only can coral be grown in the sea. It can also be grown at home. Some of the most spectacular specimens in the world are available for purchase. This is the case with the bounce mushroom coral. 

Large Coral

Some species of coral are really tiny. Not so the bounce mushroom. And that’s the glory of it. Who wants tiny coral you can barely see? You want large coral. You want coral that can be seen the second someone walks in the room. You want coral that sets the stage and keeps people’s attention. This is one of many reasons we think people are rushing to add this coral to their collection. 

Intense Beauty

Another reason we’re sure the bounce mushroom coral gets lots of attention and admiration is because they are really and truly beautiful. One of the most joyous things about a trip underwater is the chance to see lots of intense colors. Corals come in just as many colors as the fish that surround them. Veins of florescent color make the bounce mushroom coral come alive. People can see lovely shades of deeply wondrous hues as they stare at these almost unreal specimens. Bounce mushroom corals are noteworthy for the coral’s almost surreal parade of shades. 

No Muss No Fuss

Not only are these corals lovely to look at and often really large, they’re also an easy care item. This may sound surprising but these corals require very little care. Even if your only exposure to fish care is the occasional visit to your local aquarium, you can take these home. Set them down in your home and watch them bloom. It’s no wonder they’re so popular with those who love fish and the deep blue sea. 

The Most Expensive Flowers in the World: Three Varieties You Should Know

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow says the nursery rhyme. If you’re aiming for a garden worthy of a dozen Marys, you’ll want to think about these fabulous flowers. They’re no ordinary buds. These are eye catching glories designed to surprise and delight. It’s no wonder they come with a hefty price tag to match. Add in other touches like thick bushes and majestic trees and you’ll turn you ordinary garden into a haven for yourself and all your guests all year long. 

Here are some of the world’s expensive flowers: 

  1. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
  2. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
  3. Juliet Rose 
  4. Flowers For Everyone — With a Big Budget! 

    Go big. You’ll impress the neighbors, the birds and the bunnies.

    Growing flowers isn’t as easy as it looks. Sometimes, all you need are a few seeds and someone else to water them for you. Once in a while, you need an entire team of scientists, years of research and oh lots and lots of money. Such is the case with the most expensive flowers in the world. These aren’t the kind of flowers your Aunt Lucy grows for her favorite grandkids when she’s back from Boca. These are flowers with oomph and yards of research. 

    Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

    Rare and remarkable, the gold is a marvel. Growing solely in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park, the gold thrives at high altitudes. Scientists didn’t even know about the flower until until about twenty years ago. Locals adore the orchid’s intense color and graceful shape. They appreciate that can it can also be grown even in very high places. The plant is so valuable you can’t even pick it! Malaysian government officials want to do all they can to preserve this one in the wild. Perhaps one day soon, you’ll be able to have one in your own garden. Or at least visit it at your local botanical gardens. 

    Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

    The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is another rare breed of orchid. For centuries, orchids have been prized by those who appreciate lovely flowers — and flowers that help demonstrate just wealthy they are! Many orchids are beautiful but very hard to grow. This one is no exception. Like the others on this list, the Shenzhen requires a lot of effort to find. They’re also very rare and easily damaged. Scientists spent over eight years developing this one for the gardener with lots of cash. The Chinese love their orchids and it shows. If you have $300,000 it can be yours. With delicate blossoms and an intense scent that calls to mind languid summer days and the rush of spring, it’s one flower that people remember again and again. 

    Juliet Rose

    Ah the rose. Does anything ever quite say I love you like the lush bloom of these flowers? Who doesn’t love the beauty, the history and the sheer power of the rose? The Juliet Rose takes the rose even further. The thick petals are a soft peach that immediately asks to be touched and admired. The Juliet Rose is often called the three million dollar rose. That’s because it took over a decade and lots of hard work to develop. Don’t have the entire three million on hand? You’re in luck. No need to empty your bank account. Your local florist probably has them on hand for about a hundred bucks a bouquet.