The Importance of a Home Security System

In 2014 alone, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report recorded that burglary victims lost a total of $3.9 billion worth of property. With property and valuable items on the line, it’s a wonder that many people remain without home security systems. Burglary crimes not only take away material and sentimental belongings—often very expensive and personal items—but they take away something much more important, a victim’s peace of mind.

Burglary victims feel many emotions following an incident: anger, fear, helplessness, anxiety, and others. According to the LA times, coping with the aftermath of a burglary is difficult for many people. Unfortunately, as is the case with lightning, burglaries can strike twice in the same place, especially if a burglar had an easy opportunity the first time he attacked a home.

For those seeking to add peace of mind and make your home less attractive to a burglar, a home security system might be the answer. Home security systems are important for practical and preventive reasons, but there are a number of other reasons why home security units will be useful for you and your family.

Why You Should Install a Home Security System?

Peace of Mind

Since burglary events are likely, and they occur whether a homeowner is home or away, a home security system gives homeowners the peace of mind that they will be alerted if an intruder attempts a break-in. When looking to add peace of mind, you will most likely want to get a monitored security system.  With a monitored home security system, homeowners will know that police will be dispatched immediately if a break-in occurs. Unmonitored systems usually only make noise or at best, notify your iPhone.

Monitored security systems notify authorities when trouble is detected. However they usually have monthly monitoring fees.

When it comes to protecting valuables, your family and home, knowing that a safety measure is in place eliminates much of the anxiety and worries of “what-if” scenarios. You don’t have to worry about catching burglars in the act, your system and police will for you.

Evidence of a Break-In

If a break-in occurs or is attempted and a burglar is not caught, having a home security system in place provides law enforcement with crucial details to have a chance at solving a case.

Burglary crimes are oftentimes difficult to solve, which leaves victims feeling helpless and though law enforcement was not that invested in their misfortune. But the reality is that many burglaries or attempted burglaries leave little evidence. Many home security systems today have or can be upgraded to include a video camera.  Things like the Ring Doorbell can also be included to add front door protection for packages.  With a security system with video security, it’s likely that you’ll have footage that can be given to law enforcement to identify a suspect.

Burglar Deterrent

Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. A burglar sees an open window, a door left open, a home that seems unkept, or even a home without home security equipment. Burglars are less likely to target a home that they know is equipped with home security equipment. These homes pose more risk to them and make their jobs much more difficult.

Placing decals and signs that advertise a home security system will help thwart criminals. Studies show that the presence of a security system reduces your chances of being broken into by 66%. For further intimidation of criminals, place signs that alert them of neighborhood watch groups or large animals – like a Beware of Dog sign, if you have any in the home.

Keep an Eye on Your Family

Whether you have young children or older adults in the home, or if you simply want to check in on your pets and family members, a home security system is the perfect way to stay on top of family. Most modern units have two-way talk features that connect with smart phone applications, so users can talk to a loved one, or just peek-in on the live video stream from their application. Some even have real-time notifications when kids arrive home from school as well.

Knowing that you can check on your family at any given time with home security is a comfort that furthers the peace of mind of users with home security systems. Your family will always be in reach.

Life-Saving Devices

Aside from home security and burglary deterring, an all-encompassing home security system is equipped with life-saving devices that go far beyond the scope of a few cameras in the home.

All-encompassing systems are equipped with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, flood and severe weather detectors, and life-alert style devices for older adults. Severe weather, fire, and slips and falls for older adults are incidents that can happen at a moment’s notice. Without the proper devices in place to be alerted, these events can have devastating effects. Having life-saving devices attached to your home security system will ensure your safety no matter the type of threat that is present.

Reductions on Homeowners Insurance

Also be sure to check out your homeowners insurance policy for benefits for having a monitored security system. I will say that higher discounts are most often reserved for those who have monitored security equipped with fire and smoke protection, because insurance companies want homeowners to be protected from all the variables

Each insurance company offers different discounts, so you’ll have to check with your specific provider to see what size discount they offer.

Burglary Happens During the Day

The vast majority of home burglaries occur during the day, between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Burglars target homes when homeowners aren’t home, and since most adults work during the weekdays, this leaves ample opportunity for a criminal to strike.

Home security and burglar deterrents are the most valuable when homeowners aren’t home, and the hours of being away are longer than many of us realize. Never leave the home unprotected while you’re away.

Burglars are less likely to target neighborhoods that are protected with neighborhood watch groups and home security systems. The combination of security measures intimidate a burglar who know entire neighborhoods are covered, especially since many watch groups work in accordance with law enforcement.

If you’re setting up a neighborhood watch group, or already have one in place, encourage watch group members to obtain home security equipment. A neighborhood that has all homes protected is the safest neighborhood.

Safety Never Sleeps

In the morning, at night, on vacation, or while you’re at a routine trip to the grocery store, your home security system will never be taking a moment off. Being protected at all times alleviates the pressure of having to watch over the home yourself, and you’ll know that even when you leave your home for long vacations or weekends, the home will still be protected.

It’s common for victims of a burglary to be caught off guard, oftentimes saying they never thought a burglary would happen to them. After the incident they are more vigilant to install security prevention measures, once the realize that burglaries are likely and rather common. The added bonus of home security if you work with an all-encompassing company is having smoke, fire, weather, and protection for other hazardous events.

Security and safety equipment should always be installed as a precursor to an event, rather than a response after an incident occurs. Homeowners will never be upset that they are over protected, but they surely will not be pleased that they are under protected.

Fortunately, home security is convenient, affordable, and can be used with smartphones and other modern gadgets. Thanks to the Internet of Things and home automation technology, home security will likely become more integrated with the rest of a homeowners smart gadgets, and tools will continue to become more convenient and affordable.

But regardless of how simple, fun and advanced the technology is, remember that what’s most important is security. No matter what other products you skip on in the home, never skip on security.