The World’s Most Expensive Ski Chalet: A Snowy Story of Wealth

Some people love spending hours on a beach relaxing in the warm sun. Others prefer to head up s snowy mountain and listen as winds howl around them threatening to take off the roof. If you’re the later, this ski chalet might be just the place for your next vacation. 

Lovely Austria

Austria is noted for a few things:

  • Seven thousand calorie pastries 
  • Vienna 
  • Lots of snow 

Snow Glorious Snow

If snow is on your mind, Austria should be on your mind as well. The world’s most expensive ski chalet is located in the heart of Austria. While Oberlech may not be what comes to your brain when you think luxury, perhaps it should be. This resort is the place to be when you want to experience a winter while you hot tub and drink fine wine. Getting there is easy. All you have to do is fly into Zurich. Then, grab a really tough vehicle and head out two hundred kilometers until you’re there. Two hours later and you’re deep in the heart of it all plus snow. Lots of snow. 

Winter is King

For the mere cost of a house, you too can spend an entire week in this secluded resort. You’ll be over seventeen hundred meters in the air but don’t worry. Your sky chalet awaits. Winter is your friend here and they know it.  All starts with a fabulous building that looks just like the ski chalet in Austria of your dreams. The three story building is all stone and wood. Inside, it gets even better. This is modern day luxury with a traditional touch. Oh sure you may be thinking where’s the cold drafts and the rustic fireplace? It’s all here as well. Charm is everywhere at the world’s most expensive ski chalet. Charm but the sort of charm that means you don’t have to worry the fire’s gone and you’re going to have to huddle under blankets and eat cold soup until the lights come on again. 

A Private Suite

When you enter your private suite here, you’ll find lots of amazing things. Like fresh flowers and modern furnishings. There’s even a heated toilet seat. Should your backside get cold when you fall as you snowboard, don’t worry. You can come inside and warm it up again. The private terrace is also yours to savor. From above the mountain, you can see others who don’t get to stay in the world’s most expensive ski chalet. 

Amazing Amenities 

The perks don’t end there. A stay at the world’s most expensive ski chalet comes complete with other amenities. Hungry? All meals are included. Why toast marshmallows by the fire when you can head downstairs to a full course breakfast complete with dozens of cheeses and freshly baked bread. Three meals a day are served. Nothing wets the appetite other more than the ability to pretend you really know how to do that full double front backwards corkscrew 435 with five grabs. When you’re done attempting to ski jump and grateful you haven’t broken your neck, head to the spa here. You deserve a hay sauna. You need a scented steam room and a color coordinated shower thingy with fifty five buttons that do god knows what. You’re in the finest ski chalet in the world. 

The Most Expensive Vape Juice and Why You Might Consider Buying Some

Vaping is a phenomena that has taken the world over. For those that want the experience and feel of smoking but not the smell and social judging, vaping is the way to go. That being said, vaping is also meant to help save money over traditional cigarettes and other smoking methods. Vaping often costs the user far less than it would be purchase the same number of cigarettes and it deposits far less trash into the environment.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor that is produced inside an electronic cigarette with the help of a special juice that is designed to work with the cigarette. Vaping is the process by which the liquid or juice becomes vapor so that it can be inhaled into the lungs by the user. The vapor that is expelled from the cigarette is water vapor and therefore less toxic than the smoke that would be expelled from a typical cigarette.

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice or e-juice as some call it, is the juice or liquid that is used with the electronic cigarette of your choice. This juice is made of a combination of things. For starters, it is made of water, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, food flavoring, and nicotine if you so choose. You can customize the level of nicotine in the juice which makes it a great way to work your way toward quitting smoking. The juice is primarily made of the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and only contains a bit of water and a bit of food flavoring. You can also get juice that is flavorless.

Not All Vaping is Cheap

Created from the last vestiges of liquid luxury drawn from the arid desert, MeaüxHox is the pinnacle. Your clouds will evoke the ancient spirit of the desert, resembling the journey of the mighty Thunderbird as it rises from its perch into the rosy dawn hues cast by the morning sun.

Though vaping is supposed to be less expensive than traditional cigarettes, the overall cost does depend on the unit that you buy as well as the vape juice that you purchase. Though vaping is meant to be less expensive, the cost of your vape liquid is going to be affected by what ingredients are used to make it. Some of the most expensive vaping liquid in the world is made from MeauxHox and costs $1000 for a single amount of it.

This is an ancient herb that comes from the desert and that is rumored to be what is used in peace pipe ceremonies in Native American tribes. At Monocle Life, were all about smoking ancient herbs, however – on whether or not that will make your vaping experience more chill, the jury is still out. But goodness, wouldn’t that impress your friends?

Why Buy Expensive Vape?

  • Taste
  • Quality
  • Experience

Any vaping liquid that you buy is going to affect your overall experience with vaping. The more expensive the ingredients that are added to your vaping liquid the more luxurious the experience and the better the overall experience. It stands to reason that the cheaper the vaping liquid the lesser the experience and in the case of the very expensive vaping liquid, this does stand up. For those that do want to spend a bit more on their vaping liquid, you can expect a better experience overall and can also expect a far better vape. The MeauxHox vape does have a five star rating despite its high cost.

The Most Expensive Studio Monitors: Do You Get What You Pay For?

When it comes to the production of music there are a ton of different things to keep in mind. One is what type of studio monitors you need to help make the most of your studio and of the space that you have been given. There are thousands of studio monitors out there and each has its own unique attributes that make it different from the rest.

What are Studio Monitors?

Studio monitors, though they might seem like a typical speaker and might look like a typical speaker are far from it. These are designed to work with music and sound editing apps, they are designed as active speakers rather than passive, and they are designed to provide the highest playback quality possible. What is an active speaker?

Studio monitors, with very few exceptions, are “active” or “powered” speakers, which means the power amplifier is built into the speaker cabinet.

So you have to connect it to a line source with a volume control, i.e. an audio interface or a dedicated monitor controller. Studio monitors are not like your typical at home speakers that simply plug in and go. They need the help of the other elements of the studio like a dedicated controller to work properly.

Is Price Reflective of Quality?

  • Technical extras and advantages
  • Quality
  • Durability

There are tons of advantages to using a higher quality monitor and one is that you are going to get a higher quality sound and a more durable speaker that is going to do what you want it to do no matter what. Though it might seem like you are spending too much money the higher the price often means the higher the overall quality and the more extras you are going to be getting. Some extras you might get are things like extra special design features, more control panel options, and more. Though you may not need a hugely expensive speaker monitor at home for your personal studio, if you are doing any sort of professional mixing you likely need a higher quality speaker monitor. The overall quality also depends on brand but often times name brand does cost a bit more.

Do You Need the Best Studio Monitors?

One of the most expensive speaker monitors on the market today is the ADAM S7A MK2. This speaker monitor sells for a cool $25,000. If you are not a professional that has money coming in from your production jobs you are likely not going to need this type of speaker in any capacity. This speaker is made to be ultralight, has a tweeter, has a four way system, linear frequency response, and so much more. For those that are serious about sound production and are serious about making music, this is a serious speaker monitor for serious users. For those that are looking into going into the business or that already have a thriving business, it is easy to justify spending this much money on a speaker monitor. For those that just use it as a weekend hobby, you may want to build your way up to this type of investment.

The Most Expensive Welding Helmet and Why It’s Totally Worth It

Welding can be an expensive and dangerous profession and without the right protection you can harm your eyes, your face, and much more. For those that weld as a job you are going to want the best of the best to protect yourself while welding. For those that weld for fun, you are also going to want to buy the best that the world has to offer. Your welding helmet makes a huge difference in how well you are protected so why not opt for the best?

What Does a Welding Helmet Do?

Your welding helmet does more than you think. Your welding helmet protects your eyes, your face, your neck, and even your breathing so that you can be completely safe during the welding process. The shield protects your eyes from harmful light that is emitted when the welder is in use. The hood helps to protect your neck and face from flying sparks that might be cast off while your welder is in use. The rest of the mask also helps to protect you from harmful offgas that is put off as you are welding as well to make sure that you are completely protected no matter what.

What is the Most Expensive Welding Helmet?

Though most welding helmets are in the hundreds as far as cost goes, there are some that far exceed that price point. Pureweld is a great brand that offers tons of fantastic welding helmets that are not only perfect for beginning welders, but also for those that have more experience and are looking to get the best welding helmet that they can afford. One of the most expensive helmets that you can buy from the brand is the PAPR Blk Welding ADF HE Filter helmet. This helmet retails for over $2500 and is the best of the best. The most expensive mask and filtration system is going to help protect you completely so that you can keep working and keep from being injured.

Do you Need the Best?

  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Durability

The simple answer is yes. The best mask is going to protect you no matter what kind of welding you are doing and is going to help you make sure you are protected no matter what. Though it might seem like you are spending way too much on your helmet, your helmet can mean the difference between your being protected while you work and your being vulnerable to all the nasty injuries that can come from welding. A more expensive helmet is also going to offer you a higher quality than a cheap helmet and is going to offer you a helmet that is easier to use and that is going to be better all around. Lastly, you can expect very expensive masks to last longer than cheaper options. This means that you are going to be able to use your mask longer and therefore spread the overall cost of your mask over time rather than your having to shell out money each year for a new mask.

Have a welding obsession? Let us know about it through Twitter or drop us a line. We’re always interested in welding.

The Most Expensive Hair Clippers: Trim Your Hair Like a Billionaire

Driving a McLaren? Living in a multi-million dollar South Beach condo? Are your suits custom-made? Then you certainly aren’t heading to the neighborhood barber when your hair needs trimming. You may even have your own on-call barber on duty as needed. If so, big guy, you don’t want clippers that have been used to cut just anybody’s hair touching your head and hair. You didn’t get where you are by settling for less than the best. That should extend to the clippers that are used to keep you lookin’ good. Oh yes. Clippers can… and do more than just cut hair.

What Can Today’s Hair Clippers Do and Not Do?

Alright, we don’t want to be Captains of the Obvious, but first and foremost hair clippers should cut hair. You know what? They all do that. Shocker huh? You can spend 19.95 and get hair clippers that will cut your hair, and may even look pretty good. So with that being said, what can more expensive hair clippers do?

  1. They can be wireless. Cordless devices help your barber have more freedom when moving around your head. Dragging a cord behind a hair clipper create problems. The last thing you may want to hear from the person trimming your hair is “whoops”.

  2. They are quieter. Can you imagine generations of men growing up with the loud, nagging buzzing of hair clippers around their skull when getting a trim. The humanity. Put out a few more bucks and stop the madness with whisper quiet clippers that may have you sleeping like a baby.

  3. They can cut even wet hair. Look, busy people can’t always wait for their hair to dry when getting a hair cut. Using another noisy appliance like a hair dryer? Not acceptable. Expensive hair clippers can cut right through wet hair without the wait or the noise.

  4. Variable speeds. Many have only experienced hair clippers with an on or off switch. There’s more out there…like variable speed clippers! What type of witchcraft is this?

  5. Heavy duty motors and unbreakable bodies. You wouldn’t drive a car with a cheap engine or cheap body. Why would you cut your hair with something of similar attributes?

Keep in mind, the the best hair clippers may not be sold with all-inclusive packages. You may have to fork out extra for blade, comb, and trimmer sets. Its all good. Spending money on yourself feels good.

The Most Expensive Hair Clippers

Even the most expensive, mass produced hair clippers are sadly affordable. Here are some of the more expensive options.

  1. The Oster Outlaw 2-Speed Turbo Boost – This is a professional hair salon clipper, that delivers power while maintaining its light weight. Who wouldn’t by anything that has “turbo boost” in its name? Less than $100 bucks.

  2.  The Andis 5-Speed Hair Clipper – This comes with a detachable blade kit and although it is corded, it offers an optional rechargeable kit. Thie base price of about $125 that can grow with options.

  3. Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper – This is just beautiful. In a magnificent, unbreakable polished aluminum silver case, this clipper is a work of art. Yes it cuts hair. They all do, remember? You won’t feel clipped by it’s $110 price but comb, hair guards, and shears not included.

  4. The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper Model BGR+ – With a detachable blade, this cordless clipper will cut hair for an hour between charges and has a rotary motor. It looks and feels good, fits all Andis Ultraedge and Ceramicedge blades that are sold separately. It’ll set ya back $200 plus blades, options, tax, and title.

That’s it? Two Hundred Bucks?

Look, if you want a diamond encrusted or gold plated hair clipper, buy the the Andis BGR+ and take it to your jeweler. For all practical purposes, you can get one of the best clippers mass produced with plenty of options and extra blades for less that $400. Buy two or three for back-ups if it makes you feel better.

The Most Expensive Table Tennis Bat: Why You Should Get One

Table tennis is a game that we all know and love and if you are a fan of Forrest Gump, you know a thing or two about competitive table tennis. Though buying a simple bat might seem like a good option, there are some more expensive bats that you can buy that might make a difference when it comes to your overall game.

Why Buy an Expensive Bat

  • Higher quality
  • Better materials
  • Durability

Table tennis is as much a game of skill as it is a game of knowing how to use the tools that are at your disposal. Though it might seem like the best player in the world can win a tournament with the least expensive tools, having something that is a bit of a higher quality does help in the greater picture. More expensive bats are made of higher quality materials so they are going to work better.

They are also better designed so that you can be sure they are going to perform wonderfully no matter what. The better the bat, the better the overall performance and the better the overall durability of the bat that you are using. On top of all that, you can get more use out of higher quality bats that you can those that you buy at any sporting goods store.  For beginners: If you’re a beginner, you do not need to worry too much about all the different rubber and blade options available. You just want to get a ready made bat which has good all round control. Something not too fast, but not too slow either.

What is the Most Expensive Table Tennis Bat?

The Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Blade with Bryce High Speed 2.1 Red/Black Rubbers is the most expensive bat that you can buy online for a cool $500. This is more than a car payment, as much as a house payment or a month’s rent, and way more than the average person is ever going to spend on a table tennis bat or on anything really. Though this is a very high price tag, professional table tennis players will often shell out that much for a bat just because they know that the quality is better and that they are going to get plenty of use out of it in the long run.

Do you Need the Most Expensive Bat?

For those that are serious about their table tennis game, you should take the time to invest in an expensive bat to help not only up your game but to also help get more use out of the bat that you are using. Do you need the most expensive bat out there? For some the answer is certainly yes, for others, a cheaper bat may be all that you need. Cheaper bats are not necessarily bad but the more expensive the bat the better the quality, the better the design, and the better the overall bat is going to be for those that are serious about table tennis. Using a very expensive bat is not going to make you a world class table tennis player, you still have to practice for that, but it is going to help you get an edge on the competition and an edge on your overall game. The best bat is out there, why not buy it?

The Most Expensive Essential Oils and Why People Just Have to Have Them

The use of essential oils is a relatively new trend that many people find to be beneficial in many ways. These oils claim to heal a variety of ailments from taking away a simple cough to soothing the muscles of someone who spent too much time trying to impress others at the gym with heavy weights. What exactly are you purchasing though? Each oil has its own set of attributes, making it kind of tough to decide which to purchase and which to pass on.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and yet after all this time, it seems as though they are still shrouded in mystery.

Learning a bit about different essential oils is definitely recommended before pulling out the wallet to make a purchase. After all, the prices vary from type to type and from benefit to benefit. Here are some essential oils that go above and beyond with price tag.

  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Agarwood Oudh 
  • Bulgarian Rose

Check them out and decide if they are worth the dough to purchase yourself.

Jasmine Absolute

The scent of jasmine is used in several stinky perfumes and old women tend to douse themselves with cheap colognes of this fragrance. Perhaps they were tipped off that Jasmine Absolute, the purest form of this scent, is a known aphrodisiac. In the essential oil form, pure Jasmine, or "Jasmine Absolute" can be bought for well over $300 per ounce. Is it worth the money to increase the desire of others when in your presence? Perhaps so? As an added bonus, it will boost your memory and concentration levels. It takes a whopping 1000 jasmine flowers to create just one pound of jasmine essential oil…hence the hefty cost attached.

Agarwood Oudh

Double the ante and the aphrodisiac properties and purchase an ounce of Agarwood Oudh for over $700 an ounce. This essential oil is so expensive because of the harvesting process needed to obtain the oil itself. The oil is derived from trees native to India and Southeast Asia. These trees require that a fungus is injected deep into the stump before the oil can be obtained. Since this type of oil is sought after so much because of it’s ability to attract potential romantic interests, the number of trees available for the harvesting of the oil is limited. Supply and demand pull up the price tag into triple digits and then some. In addition, Agarwood Oudh promotes emotional stability…which you’ll need to combat those enthralled with your presence when wearing this oil.

Bulgarian Rose

The most expensive essential oil, by far, is Bulgarian Rose. Hundreds of roses are required to make just one ounce of this oil. It boasts the ability to improve the circulation system, and boosts brain health, and enhances heart and liver function. This oil costs close to $1000 dollars per ounce. The scent of Bulgarian Rose is sweet and sensual, and the oil is of course….another aphrodisiac. Notice the trend here?

Do you have any favorite expensive essential oils? Let us know about it over Twitter or drop us a line. We’re especially interested in the aphrodisiacs. Until next time!

The Most Expensive Shears: Cut Your Hair the Millionaire’s Way

Your hair is your crowning glory. Or maybe it’s just that stuff that covers your head and gets in your mouth now and then. In any case, you want your hair to look neat. Or pretend to look neat. A good haircut is always a must. A really great haircut can help your self confidence and make you feel like a million bucks. If you really want hair that feels like a million bucks, start with the right equipment. Today’s shears are better than ever before. The most expensive shears in the world can make you feel like a princess — or someone who plays a princess on television for millions of adoring fans. 

Upscale shears tend to have a few things in common:

  • High end materials 
  • Sharp blades 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic 

The Ideal Material

Whether you’re cutting your six year old’s hair for a school play or having a professional cut your hair for you, the right tools for the job are essential. A great haircut starts with shears that are made from materials designed to provide support, durability and ease of use. The most expensive shears in the world use high quality stainless steel as a base. Stainless steel has many advantages. It can be easily shaped into any desired shape. Steel is durable and tends to stand up over time. Highly sought after professionals may perform dozens of haircuts over time. They need shears that are up to the task.

Precision is a Necessity

Some people go the hairdresser with a specific look in mind. They want to look like Beyonce or The Duchess of Cambridge. Others are content to let the hairdresser make decisions for them. Anyone who cuts hair needs to have scissors that are as precise as possible. You want your hair cut. You don’t want any other body parts cut. The most expensive shears in the world use blades that allow the hair professional to get close without getting too close. They can also be specifically adjusted as needed for each person. For example, one person might want a buzz cut so close that they are nearly bald. Another person might prefer to have their flowing locks shortened by a mere inch so the dead ends can be cut away. The most expensive shears in the world make it possible for any hairdresser to determine exactly how to cut a client’s hair. 

Fits in The Hand

A pair of shears should ideally be like a second hand. You don’t have to be Edward Scissorhands to get shears that fit in the hand perfectly.  The best scissors will fit naturally against the user’s fingers like a pair of gloves. Excellent scissors also make it much easier to cut hair. A hairdresser can concentrate on the desired look without the need to worry that the shears are hurting their hands in some way. Over time, a pair of shears may have blades that become less sharp. The person’s hands may change in some way. The most expensive shears can overcome these problems. Ergonomic scissors easily adapt to the wearer’s hands. Sharp scissors make it easy to get a precise cut. 

The Most Expensive Recurve Bow Money Can Buy: What you get for your money

You may be scratching your head, to begin with, and asking yourself a whole row of questions:

  1. What is a Recurve Bow, in the First Place?
  2. Which do Many Consider the “Best One?”
  3. Final Thoughts?

Well, if that’s you, then you’re in the right place, friend. Let’s show you a little more on what the recurve bow is, does and can do for you — along with which one might be your best fit.

First, there’s some crucial factors you may want to look into before browsing online or in store, and one includes the concept of draw weight. If you’re new to bow hunting, perhaps a take down recurve bow can serve your needs best as it’ll allow you to more fluidly adjust your draw weight when using it. Just remember that draw weight isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. The bow’s totaled weight is crucial to consider as well. Do you really want to be lugging around something heavier than a bag or rocks throughout your entire expedition?

Beginners should consider a 2-4 lb. recurve bow for maximum comfort: Just think about the benefits of going lightweight, especially for long hikes. But now you may be wondering what a recurve bow actually is and how it may differ from a traditional bow? A great question deserves a great answer, and that answer’s right here in the next point below….so don’t stop reading…

What is a Recurve Bow, in the First Place?

“Basically they are bows with edges that curve outwards. Usually, the bow forms an arch, that when held by the archer, extends away from the body with the edges curving inwards. A recurve bow is build as such, as well, only, the edges do not stop their inward curves, instead, they curve outwards allowing for more drawing mileage for the strings.” Pick a Bow

Which do Many Consider the “Best One?”

Finally, the moment of truth, the revelation you’ve been waiting for — which is the best all-around? Let me start with this: There is no “best”. The very question and its answer are subjective to multitudinous factors. It’s like asking a parent which child is his favorite.

But yes, I know, I know — you still want a definitive answer, so I will provide one to the best of my “objective” opinion….

The best recurve bows, according to many, are the Martin Hunters, which have been around for almost 60 years. They weight two lbs. and provide unrivaled power!

Final Thoughts?

Remember, though: There’s no “one size fits all” solution in the sense that, just as people have different preferences and tastes about different products altogether, so will it be with the recurve bow. Find the one that best suits your budget, needs, physical preferences and overall user feel. Find your best recurve bow now. Start with this great source to help you get some more ideas on name brand, selection and size.

Do you have a particularly pricey recurve bow? Tell us all about it over Twitter or drop us a line. We’re always interested in pricey hobbies. Until next time!

The Most Expensive Condo Ever Sold In Toronto: an Insider’s Scoop

O Canada. As the song says, Canada is Canada. Home to millions of people who like to play hockey, drizzle fries in cheese curds and gravy, and be really, really polite, Canada is one of the world’s most happening places. It’s also home to Toronto. Noteworthy as the place people go when they find Montreal too French or Ontario too Ontario-ish, Toronto is a large city somewhere in Canada. While not nearly as clean as Calgary, Toronto has great pleasures including miles of snow during the winter and high housing prices. The most expensive expensive condo ever sold in Toronto is surprisingly expensive. Even expensive by world standards. Now you may be thinking exactly how expensive but we mean lots of money. 

The condo has some amazing things like:

  1. A penthouse 
  2. Lots and lots and lots of room 
  3. Major Views 
  4. Enough services to satisfy even the most demanding newly rich basketball player 

Megaviews and Entire Floors

One of the most amazing things about this condo is the view. The owner can see clear across much the local area. All of Toronto is laid out for them right there whenever they want it. Day and night — it’s all there all the time. A home on the 55th floor means they can look down their noses on every single other floor. Imagine the shame of only living on 22nd floor. How horrifying! No problem here. Every single other floor on the condo is completely below the owner. 

A Penthouse

The condo is a penthouse. This means the buyer has the entire top of the building to themselves. But it’s not just any penthouse. It’s a hotel penthouse. While everyone else has to settle for small rooms that don’t allow them to sprawl across acres of glass and concrete, not so this owner. The condo is huge. Over nine thousand feet huge. Room enough for the owner’s kids, dog, chickens and maybe even a third cousin or two. Room to partay! 

Superior Service

This condo is located in a hotel. Not some ordinary, boring suburban development but an actual hotel. The owner can get their every single whim met. Want chicken and waffles at two in the morning? No problem! Need to arrange first class tickets for the dog as the owner heads to Melbourne? Staffers can handle it. They get their very own nearly seven hundred foot condo. While it’s not as swanky as the owner’s space, it does have the advantage of being nearby and in Central Toronto at the same time. The owner even gets access to all hotel amenities including an onsite gym, fabulous restaurants and the chance to interact with guests from all over the world. And yet, they get to retreat to their own personal space when they’re tired. What could be better? 

A Real Bargain

Now you may be thinking twenty-eight million bucks is a lot of money. But you have to remember this condo is over nine thousand feet. What will twenty-eight mil buy you anywhere else? In New York City? Maybe a few closets and perhaps even three or four bedrooms. But it won’t be nine thousand feet on top of a hotel in the middle of an actual Canadian city. This a stupendously great move on the part of the buyer. Kudos, dude. You have our boundless admiration.