The Most Expensive Fly Rod Money Can Buy: Who Really Needs It?

There’s no way that you love fly fishing enough to buy the most expensive fly rod ever produced. We’re serious here because there are only a few hardcore fly fishermen who have the cash to throw down on these rods. We’re talking incredible bamboo rods that are worth thousands of dollars, and no, that is not a typo.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive fly rod on the market right now and get a feel for who in the world would even want one of these rods. You might find that you love this rod and want to try one out for your fishing. Us, we’ll stick to our $50 cheapie, thank you very much!

A Quick Look at This Rod

This bamboo-built rod is made by Scott SC Fly Rod, a company that is well-known for producing a variety of fishing equipment. Their most expensive product is likely their fly fishing rod, which tops off at about $3,200. We didn’t accidentally move a decimal point too far here. This rod really costs $3,200 or about three-times our rent payment. Why does it cost so much?

Why is This Rod So Expensive?

First of all, bamboo is not a cheap material to use when building a fly rod. That said, it is one of the toughest and strongest on the market today. It can withstand most fly fishing demands and is usually sturdy enough to last a lifetime. So, using bamboo adds quite a bit to the cost of this rod.

However, the Scott SC Fly Rod is also handcrafted by real fishers who love the sport and who have spent most of their lives trying to craft the perfect rod. The materials and the handcrafted nature of these rods drive up the cost and make them cost even more to purchase than you could ever imagine.

Beyond that, each rod comes with a logo that helps make it stand out from others on the market and an individual serial number that showcases what went into the making of the rod. A variety of crafting methods and technological processes, such as material-strengthening procedures, are used to make these rods stand out.

Honestly, we’re surprised to read that these rods aren’t made out of solid gold or emeralds! It is hard to imagine anybody who might want to use one of these rods. However, we’ve come up with a few individuals who we think are crazy enough to drop $3,000+ on a fishing rod. Are you one of these people?

  1. Professional fly fishers
  2. Anyone who needs the latest and greatest gadgets
  3. Somebody who wants a fly rod that will last their whole life
  4. A wealthy person with a lot of cash to spend on tax write-offs

Does This Rod Sound Awesome?

All joking aside, the high-quality nature of this rod is something printed right up in the mission statement of this company:

Great fly rods are forged from commitment, experience, and passion.

So while we can’t quite see the appeal of this kind of fly rod, we understand that the right person may find it an irresistible purchase. If you find yourself drawn to this expensive fly rod, feel free to buy one for your fishing needs.

The Most Expensive Spinning Reel to Use: Worth Every Penny

Let’s face it, just about every time you go fishing could the ‘the one!’ You know, the ever-elusive catch that’s going to completely blow away the competition, have people talking for years, and turn you into a legend.

What’s the secret to a successful catch?

Isn’t that what we’re all trying to figure out? Maybe you’ve been focused on the rod or the bait or the time of day or even location. Meh. Does any of that make a difference? Maybe.

Want to know what will make a ‘reel’ difference? That’s right … the reel.

How will the most expensive reels in the world help you?

I’m glad you asked. Look at this way: when you were dating (maybe you’re still dating, or in between dates at the moment, or trying to figure out how to whittle the number of dates you have down to just one or two prime choices … lucky you), what’s the first thing you do?

Think about it.

Riiiiight … you dress to impress! (Hopefully) you take some time sifting through your wardrobe, put on your best threads, fine shoes, take some time to fix your ‘do’ just right, and select the perfect complement of watch or other jewelry.

When you meet your date for the first time, what do you notice? The bling. Fish aren’t any different. They LOVE snagging onto a line with sparkling bait and a reel that is worth their time.

What are the most expensive reels worth your time (and money)?

If you were a fish, do you really want to get snagged on a hook for something basic? No, didn’t think so.

Some of the most expensive reels in the world are:

  1. The Holy Grail
  2. Seigler Reels BF (Big Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reels
  3. Daiwa Exist Magsealed Spinning Reels
  4. ZeeBaas ZX
  5. Shimano Antares Baitcasting Reels

“In fairness, I also contend that yes indeed, casters that reach a certain skill level can definitely feel the difference between a low-end rod and a high-end rod, just like an experienced guitarist can hear the tones and feel the actions that make a Martin or Taylor something special.” Field and Stream

If you’ve got a few extra grand lying around (like $58,000), The Holy Grail would be a great addition to your gear. Can you imagine any fish bothering to ignore your line anymore? Yeah, it’s that good. Of course, there’s a catch (pardon the pun) … this ‘Holy Grail’ reel was a one-of-a-kind creation by collector Graham Turner and little is known about it other than the fact it sold at auction for this price.

Seigler Reels BF (Big Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reels will hook you for about $1,500. Daiwa Exist Magsealed spinning reels will slip anywhere between $500 to $800 from your wallet (or purse … or checking account). Heck, when you’re talking this kind of money, you might just have to refinance your home; but isn’t it worth it?

ZeeBaas ZX will run you close to a grand ($1,000). Forget the boat you planned on picking up … you can fish from the shore! Finally, the Shimano Antares Baitcasting reel will tag you for about $600 or so.

Want to have more fun and impress your fishing buddies? Expensive reels are the way to go!

The Most Expensive Cleats in the World: Just Who Bought Them?

Are you looking for the kind of sports cleat that will provide you with years of value? The Hypervenom Phantom III might be that cleat for you, as it is currently the most expensive on the market today. So what’s the big deal about it?

A Look at the Hypervenom Phantom III

What makes it so special? This new edition has a full Flyknit upper, Flywire on the side of the upper as well as texture, PORON foam pods, hybrid studs on the medial side, and chevron studs on the lateral side. There’s not much luxury equipment that will be as much of an investment for your game as these will be. Nike

This cleat is made by Nike and is currently the most expensive cleat on the market today. They cost about $350 in their initial run and are likely to fetch even more cash due to their limited nature. That’s right; Nike is a bunch of wise guys who only produced 3,000 pairs of these high-quality shoes. As a result, you might see them for even more on the second-hand market.

While they are designed primarily for soccer, they can be used in a variety of different events. If you are interested in purchasing them, you should know whether or not they are worth your money.

Are They Worth It?

Cleats like these are designed to provide you with the ability to change direction on the field quickly and easily, in multiple weather conditions. The Hypervenom uses a variety of strong materials that make it sturdy and reliable.

While we’re not sure what PORON foam is, we have found that it provides a stronger cleat material than that found in turf shoes and other competing items. That said, $350-500 is still a lot of money, but people are actually buying these shoes rather quickly.

Who Wears Them?

While it might seem insane to spend nearly $400 on a pair of shoes, some of the world’s best soccer players don’t agree with you. Infamous Indonesian player Irfan Bachdim from Bali United has been seen rocking these shoes on the field. He is the second player after Gonzalo Higuain to try out these cleats.

They have worn multiple colors of the show, including the Electric Green and Hyper Orange varieties. These types can fit on the feet of a broad array of people. If you’re looking to be a fashion-conscious soccer or football player, these shoes might be right for you. Just make sure you save up a bit to afford them. How can you save up to buy these cleats? You could:

  1. Take a second job delivering newspapers
  2. Cash out your 401K
  3. Quit using the thickest toilet paper
  4. Stop drinking so much pop/coffee/beer every day
  5. Put your change in a jar at the end of the day

Are They Right For You?

While we have definitely covered more expensive items on this site before, these shoes are still a pretty hefty investment. The average player is likely to run miles on the field during every game and put a lot of wear-and-tear on their cleats. We’ve seen some players go through six or seven pairs of shoes in an average season.

Will these cleats last longer than the average pair? If Nike is to be believed, they should last you for at least several years. If you spend up to $100 or more on cleats every year, then you have to try out these cleats. You might find that they are the easiest way for you to save money and compete at the same time.

The Most Expensive Boxing Gloves to Buy and Why You Should Order Some

With some extra dollars, you can buy the Winning Boxing Gloves Black 14oz Lace up Pro Type Ms-500 at around $270 depending on where you purchase the product. They are worth the investment because they last longer than the typical boxing gloves you find in supermarkets. Why you should order some:

Beautiful design

These beautiful old-school boxing gloves are built with strong leather and the best padding in the industry. Winning is a big brand in the art of boxing and is ranked as one of the top three boxing gloves. Its most notable features are the better leather and multi-layered padding. Apart from the level of protection, the gloves are comfortable boxing pairs designed with the safety of the wearer in mind. The Pro Winning Gloves model is one of the best from this brand. Moreover, you have 4 colors to choose from. When it comes to size, you can choose from 8oz to 18oz. And, they provide a great wrist level support. Meaning, there is a size customized for everyone.

Ideal for training and sparring

The padding is so strong that they are referred to as “pillows” in the boxing circles because they lack the knockout power. That is why they are not so popular in most competitive boxing bouts. But, they are the best pairs you will ever put on your hands when in training and sparring. In other words, what makes them sub-optimal in competitive boxing bouts is what makes them the safest for training and sparring sessions.

They are the best at absorbing punches and protecting your hand from wrist to the knuckles. You can easily come across professionals wearing this pair of boxing gloves, especially when sparring or training.

Offers great protection

With this particular model, you can practice on the bag for several hours without sustaining any hand injuries. Compared to the Velcro models, the MS Series boxing gloves are harder to put on and take off due to the high-quality leather, but your wrist and knuckles will be thankful for it. Regardless of whether it is kickboxing, MMA or boxing, the Winning boxing gloves are the most popular designs for sparring and training across the world.

They Last Longer

Moreover, their high-end quality double stitches make them last longer than most brands of boxing gloves. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear as you punch away for a very long time. In fact, if you intend to use your 14oz Lace up Pro Type Ms-500 winning boxing gloves model once in a while, they will stay in good condition for years to come.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner when choosing the perfect boxing gloves. If you care about your safety then without a doubt you will settle for a product that will give you good value for your money. You can’t miss em with the Pro Winning boxing models.

Do you have some pricing punching equipment? Don’t welter-wait to tell us about it! Send us a tweet or drop us a line. Until next time – Monocle Life!

The Most Expensive Fishing Rod You Can Buy: Features and Benefits

Man vs. beast. Who doesn’t love a good fight?

You need a fishing rod that will show the fish you mean business.

When you go fishing, you want to emerge triumphant. You’re at the top of the food chain. You’d like the fish to remember it. What’s a day out in the sun on a big boat without a big trophy? To catch the perfect fish to put on top of your mantle piece, or just give your grandkids a story, you need to the right equipment. 

Your Perfect Trip

Let’s face it. Much as we would to have it otherwise, most of us don’t get to fish for a living. We only get to go fishing now and then. This is we want to make fishing worth our time. This is where the Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod – 906-4 – 6wt 9ft 0in 4pc Mid-Flex comes in. For those who really love and adore fishing, the Orvis Helios is the fishing rod of choice. This is the most expensive fishing rod you can buy. This is the rod to get when you’re serious about fishing. Or you just want to have the time of your life when you’re doing battle with mother nature. 

The Rod Is:

  • Lightweight 
  • Incredibly strong 
  • Highly Flexible 

Really Light:

When you’re battling the catch of your dreams, you don’t want to be weighed down. You don’t want to be held back by cumbersome equipment that might get in the way of your fabulous fish. You need a rod that you can bring from one side of the boat to the other so the barracuda doesn’t get away. The Orvis makes it easy to keep your attention on the fish and only the fish. The entire rod weighs less than two pounds. 

Remarkably Strong

Fish are not only great food. They’re also very strong. Oh they may look deceptively tiny and harmless. But many fish are just as strong as your twenty pound toddler if not even stronger. So is the Orvis. Unlike some other rods  that break the second the fish even sniffs your lure, this one is built to last. This is one rod that lets you channel your own strength into catching the fish rather than worrying your line is going to break. Orvis is known for strong rods. They create the Arnold Schwarzeneger of fishing rods.  When you have an Orvis, you are the fish terminator. The Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod – 906-4 – 6wt 9ft 0in 4pc Mid-Flex goes even better. As strong as most of the fishing rods are from Ovis, this one is twenty percent stronger. That’s a lot of power on your side exactly when you need it. 

Great Flexibility

Being a really great fisherman or fisherwoman or fisherperson requires flexibility. You may think you need lots of different rods for every single possible fishing place. The Orvis Helios lets you fish just anywhere you want without the need to bring many fishing rods with you. You can go fishing in just about any watery place with complete confidence. Heading out to the water of the Caribbean Sea? Planning a trip to your neighbor’s fabulous lakeside forest cabin? Grab this rod and go, go, go!

The Most Expensive Duck Call You Can Buy: a Guide

Duck Calls: What’s the Buzz?

If you’re like me – a freelance writer who doesn’t go outside very often – you probably need a quick crash course in waterfowl hunting to understand why people would spend big bucks on a duck call. That’s okay; lots of city slickers are missing out on the fun. Here are what I understand to be the basics of duck hunting:

  1. Ducks, like many birds, actually have excellent vision and can totally see you, so you have to hide really well.
  2. A lot of duck hunters will put decoy ducks around to make the real ducks think it’s a cool spot to hang out.
  3. This is where the duck calls come in: they hear a few convincing quacks and think it’s a real duck telling them to come party.
  4. At this point you just start shooting like crazy. Aim, don’t, whatever, you’ll do fine.
  5. A lot of hunters use dogs to go collect the duck carcasses, but plenty of other animals could probably do the trick.
  6. If you eat the duck, I suggest cooking it, but hey, I’m not your mom.

Back in the day, people used to just make the duck noises with their mouth. Those who could actually pull this off were very popular, and there are still lots of competitions to determine who’s the best at it. However, around the late 19th and early 20th century, people figured out how to make simple reed instruments that could do this better than most people. Since the development of duck calls, almost anybody can lure ducks and other waterfowl to their death, and people who used to be able to rely on their duck noise skills have had to find new ways to impress their peers.

The most common materials for duck calls are wood and acrylic resin; the latter is usually considerably louder and preferred for open spaces, while the former is better for wooded areas. The most common duck call is intended to imitate the female mallard’s quack, since it makes male ducks think that a lady is “horny” and causes them to head right over.

The Most Expensive

The most expensive duck call on the market at time of writing is a one-of-a-kind Paul Kingyon handmade wood call; the asking price is nearly $2,000. It is not particularly ornate, just a hand-carved, single-reed call that’s really good at tricking ducks and signed by this legendary craftsman. Sets of six or more calls with 24 karat gold decorations and fine carvings are available for much less.

Kingyon passed away in 2011, but hunters continue to praise his duck calls as among the greatest ever, and share his quotes in forums. One that I don’t really get but that Duck Hunting Chat seemed to love:

“Loud calling doesn’t flare birds – bad calling flares birds!”

Kingyon’s influence is so great that modern call makers can even be found shamelessly using the man’s name to promote their own products.

Other high end duck calls can be found in the $100-$300 dollar range including carbon fiber variations and one simply called, “The Meat Hanger.” – what?

Do you guys have a shameless outdoor hobby costing you thousands? Let us know on Twitter or drop us a line. We’re always looking for new topics. Until next time, quack on!

The Most Expensive Softball Bat: What Goes into Making One

Whoa. Say What? Softball…

When we first heard about this assignment, we were stumped. Softball? The sport of beer leagues and middle-aged suburbia? Well, you may be as surprised as we were to learn that this is a sport with diehard fans and rock star players.

Did you know that there are people in this world, many people, who will pay $300 for a softball bat?

Yep, you read that right. $300Whoa. Who knew? Not us. Anyway, softball is actually pretty cool, and this equipment is worth the cash for anyone looking to become a part-time gladiator and office league superstar.

Stuff You Need to Make a Good Great Softball Bat

Softball is actually a legit sport that is played by real athletes on real fields with real equipment. We are not trying to diminish your weekly excuse to drink beer that is the intraoffice softball league, wait sorry, we kinda are. Anyway, here’s what goes into making a top-notch softball bat:

  1. Divergence Composite Technology
  2. The More Patriotic the Decals, Logos, and Designs, the BETTER!
  3. Alloy Handles
  4. Extended Sweet Spot in the Barrel

So basically, make the most kick-ass bat that you can and through some red, white, and blue on that thing! These bats are made to perform at a higher level than you may be used to, and if you up your softball kit to include a Demarini you will blow the competition away. Literally. 

Let’s Rethink This Whole Softball Thing, Shall We?

There are many positive aspects of playing softball. First of all, you get to be outside. And you get to spend time with your friends. Outside. There is nothing better than enjoying a few beers out in the fresh air, running around a park, and reliving the glory days, now is there? Throw some old school tunes on the Bose speaker, we’re thinking Steely Dan is a great fit, and get hitting. In addition to being out of doors and amongst friends, softball allows us to get some exercise that doesn’t include running on a hamster wheel/treadmill watching soul-sucking reality TV.

$300 for a softball bat. Welcome to the world of performance software equipment.

Check out the Demarini if you are looking to make a lasting impression at your next softball game, and don’t forget to let everyone know that you’ve got the best of the best when it comes to primo softball equipment. What’s the point of buying expensive things if the people around you don’t know that they’re expensive? We kid! This bat is worth the money for anyone interested in looking to get the most out of their office softball league or wants to up their game and participate in league play of a higher caliber.

Trust us, softball is trending toward becoming the next big thing since kickball. You’ll be ahead of the curve when you show up to play!

The Most Expensive Turquoise in the World: an Intriguing Story

Turquoise gets a bad rap.

Turquoise is defined thus on Wikipedia as:

An opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is rare and valuable in finer grades.

According to the Perry Null Trading Company, the most expensive turquoise is Lander Blue, at about $200 to $250 per carat. The stone is dirt cheap compared to diamonds, for example, which can run thousands of dollars a carat. However, turquoise has a certain number of qualities that make it a superior rock to the more famous precious stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.

What makes turquoise better than all the rest?

The only real reason to buy some of the more expensive stones is to either impress a shallow woman or else as an investment. Turquoise has a number of qualities that make it a superior stone to its more high-faluting cousins. It is:

  1. It’s an American stone – Turquoise is also found in other countries, such as Iran, but buying anything from that country is problematic at best. The best versions of the stone can be found in the American Southwest.
  2. The best Turquoise jewelry is made by Native American artists – What can be more woke than supporting the efforts of a marginalized minority group rather than high-priced jewelers from New York or London?
  3. Turquoise is less intimidating than the other stones – Let’s face it, a diamond ring can be pretty daunting, especially when you’re at the jeweler’s, trying to pick out a ring that will set you back six months of pay.
  4. Turquoise is prettier – It just is, due to the appealing blue-green color.

The shallow woman test

Turquoise is, lastly, a great way to find out whether a woman you are planning to marry is shallow or not. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a diamond ring, head over to the Four Corners USA site and drop a few hundred on an authentic Navajo wedding set.

Then wine and dine your prospective fiancée at a nice Italian trattoria. At the appropriate moment, you go on bended knee and present her with the turquoise engagement ring. The moment of testing has arrived.

If she slaps your face for being a cheapskate and runs crying from the restaurant, at least you know you have avoided an unhappy marriage that would likely end in a divorce with a huge alimony settlement.

However, if she cries, smooches on you, and praises you for being an outside-the-box-thinking gentleman of taste and discernment, you will know that you have a keeper. She will be especially happy when you go on to tell her that with the money you saved, your honeymoon will consist of a three-week cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean. She will have something more interesting to show her gal pals than a gaudy diamond. And nothing can replace visiting the canals of Venice, the Acropolis in Athens, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Holy Land, and the Pyramids of Giza. What is a $10,000 diamond next to those memories?

The Most Expensive Surfing Longboard: A Full Breakdown

Hang Ten, for a Cool 100K

Surfing has had a romantic appeal reminiscent of days spent in the waters off of California and Hawaii for so long, this aesthetic is now part of America’s west coast lore..

Anyone looking to capture, and keep, that always summer surfer mindset needs to check out this Marc Newson longboard that is truly a work of art!

And, because there are only ten of these in existence, it is likely that the value has increased. Substantially. This board is really something special, and with a limited number in the production run, it’s price tag matches the uniqueness, to say the least. If you are a surfer dude, or just want everyone to think you are, keep on reading and find out more about this rad board that will blow your mind! Newson’s board really has it all:

Check it out:

  1. Brushed nickel. Yep.
  2. Mirror finish for reduced draft. Check.
  3. Ultra coal profile, dude!
  4. Don’t be fooled by the shiny profile, this is a piece that is meant to be ridden. Hard.

Who is This Newson Fellow, Anyway?

This Australian dude is pretty awesome at what he does! Born in Sydney his love of surfing is no surprise. He does it all, sports stuff, furniture, and watches too. His designs are known for their sleek profiles and modern take on items that have been around for a while. Whether he is reinventing a longboard to look like something from outer space, or designing furniture for the Lockheed Lounge, his work is sure to impress. Newson is the embodiment of the axiom that states that when you do what you love, that passion shines through to the end result. His stuff rocks!

Looking to capture that always summer mindset? Check out this ridiculously rad longboard from Marc Newson!

One thing that separates Newson from the pack is the functionality of his highly-designed pieces. Yeah, this board is bad ass and we all know it would look amazing propped up against the wall of any North Shore surf shack, but even more important, and impressive, is the way it handles the waves. Yep, this trick is worth a cool six-figures but it is not a museum piece meant to be kept under glass, it just screams, "GET ME OUT ON THE WATER, DUDE".

The Other Ones

Not feeling the brushed nickel/mirrored surface fantasticness of the Newson board? Fear not, brohan, the boards found here are sure to astound!  Surfboards are cool items in and of themselves, and when you throw in some extra love and care in the production, we can’t help but be smitten. Power boards from Olosurfer is the bomb dot com and handles like the pro you wish you were! 

Surfing has an allure all its own, and for good reason. If you are looking to hang ten and catch some great swell, be sure your board matches your enthusiasm. We can’t all be pros but when our board speaks for itself, it’s a step in the right direction! 

The Most Expensive Clownfish You Can Buy: What to look for

Clownfish, for some reason, seem to be growing in popularity as collectors of rare aquatic creatures scramble to find the most beautiful of them all. Some of their popularity can be attributed to the “Finding Nemo” movie and it’s spin-off, “Finding Dory.”

What Makes Clownfish Interesting

  1. Clownfish are born hermaphrodites, all male, and can turn themselves female
  2. Once a clownfish goes female, it can’t go back – two males will become mates and the larger, dominant fish will become female
  3. Clownfish are very social fish and live in groups
  4. Clownfish groups are lead by one dominant female(if only it worked that way in the human-world!)
  5. They communicate by making clicking and popping noises
  6. They are omnivores (they eat meat and plants, just like us!)

Source: LiveScience

There are worse things to spend over $1,000 on

Clownfish, in all actuality, aren’t the easiest fish in the sea when it comes to new aquarium owners (or “aquarists”, as they like to call themselves). New fish owners are routinely encouraged to stick with freshwater fish until they are comfortable creating the right ecosystem for the types of fish that live in saltwater systems. In addition, you won’t be able to just roll into a pet store and buy the higher quality of clownfish – in fact, initial setup costs can add up to $500 or more, depending on the items and clownfish species you pick.

What To Look For In A Clownfish

  1. Good color
  2. Size: if you’re going to get more than one, always have a bigger one and a smaller one, or else one could get predatory and injure or possibly kill the other
  3. Unique striping patterns and naturally occurring color variations

One of the Most Expensive Clownfish sold? An $8,900 PeaceKeeper Maroon

A recent auction on eBay occurred in which a reported PeaceKeeper Maroon rare clownfish in a coral saltwater aquarium was sold for $8,900. The fish was reported to be a biaculeatus, in terms of species. The seller received 100% on the buyer feedback, which lends credibility to the idea that it was a legitimate clownfish. (Seriously, who buys a clownfish for that much?)

Runner Up: Black Ice Snowflake pair, $785; Black Phantom Snowflakes, $920; Chrysogaster, $2,250

An adult bonded pair of Black Ice Snowflake Ocellaris clownfish are going for almost $800 and a pair of Black Phantom Snowflakes are for sale for $920 from the same supplier. The most expensive, however? A pair of Chrysogaster/Mauritian Anemonefish for $2,250. The most recently sold and expensive? A singular Macculloch’s Clown for $5,850.

Second Runner-Up for “Ridiculously Overpriced Aquatic Creatures”: $649.99 Black Storm Clownfish Pair

Currently up for auction on eBay is a pair of live saltwater Sea & Reef Black Storm Clownfish. A tropical fish-type, this clownfish was Sea & Reef aquacultured.

On Average: $50

One of the top distributors for clownfish, LiveAquaria, routinely has certified and captive-bred clownfish for around $50, if that fits your wallet and budget a bit better.


Look, if you’re absolutely insistent on buying a highly overpriced aquatic creature you can’t even play fetch with, a clownfish isn’t the worst thing you could buy. Make sure you treat the water for 4-6 weeks before you place your fish in the aquarium, and purchase plants, rocks, and other aquatic items (like places to hide, reefs, etc) that will pair with the specific breed and type of fish you select. If you’re looking to learn more about the species itself or more about saltwater aquariums, this blog is a great resource.