The Most Expensive Essential Oils and Why People Just Have to Have Them

The use of essential oils is a relatively new trend that many people find to be beneficial in many ways. These oils claim to heal a variety of ailments from taking away a simple cough to soothing the muscles of someone who spent too much time trying to impress others at the gym with heavy weights. What exactly are you purchasing though? Each oil has its own set of attributes, making it kind of tough to decide which to purchase and which to pass on.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and yet after all this time, it seems as though they are still shrouded in mystery.

Learning a bit about different essential oils is definitely recommended before pulling out the wallet to make a purchase. After all, the prices vary from type to type and from benefit to benefit. Here are some essential oils that go above and beyond with price tag.

  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Agarwood Oudh 
  • Bulgarian Rose

Check them out and decide if they are worth the dough to purchase yourself.

Jasmine Absolute

The scent of jasmine is used in several stinky perfumes and old women tend to douse themselves with cheap colognes of this fragrance. Perhaps they were tipped off that Jasmine Absolute, the purest form of this scent, is a known aphrodisiac. In the essential oil form, pure Jasmine, or "Jasmine Absolute" can be bought for well over $300 per ounce. Is it worth the money to increase the desire of others when in your presence? Perhaps so? As an added bonus, it will boost your memory and concentration levels. It takes a whopping 1000 jasmine flowers to create just one pound of jasmine essential oil…hence the hefty cost attached.

Agarwood Oudh

Double the ante and the aphrodisiac properties and purchase an ounce of Agarwood Oudh for over $700 an ounce. This essential oil is so expensive because of the harvesting process needed to obtain the oil itself. The oil is derived from trees native to India and Southeast Asia. These trees require that a fungus is injected deep into the stump before the oil can be obtained. Since this type of oil is sought after so much because of it’s ability to attract potential romantic interests, the number of trees available for the harvesting of the oil is limited. Supply and demand pull up the price tag into triple digits and then some. In addition, Agarwood Oudh promotes emotional stability…which you’ll need to combat those enthralled with your presence when wearing this oil.

Bulgarian Rose

The most expensive essential oil, by far, is Bulgarian Rose. Hundreds of roses are required to make just one ounce of this oil. It boasts the ability to improve the circulation system, and boosts brain health, and enhances heart and liver function. This oil costs close to $1000 dollars per ounce. The scent of Bulgarian Rose is sweet and sensual, and the oil is of course….another aphrodisiac. Notice the trend here?

Do you have any favorite expensive essential oils? Let us know about it over Twitter or drop us a line. We’re especially interested in the aphrodisiacs. Until next time!