The Most Expensive Hair Clippers: Trim Your Hair Like a Billionaire

Driving a McLaren? Living in a multi-million dollar South Beach condo? Are your suits custom-made? Then you certainly aren’t heading to the neighborhood barber when your hair needs trimming. You may even have your own on-call barber on duty as needed. If so, big guy, you don’t want clippers that have been used to cut just anybody’s hair touching your head and hair. You didn’t get where you are by settling for less than the best. That should extend to the clippers that are used to keep you lookin’ good. Oh yes. Clippers can… and do more than just cut hair.

What Can Today’s Hair Clippers Do and Not Do?

Alright, we don’t want to be Captains of the Obvious, but first and foremost hair clippers should cut hair. You know what? They all do that. Shocker huh? You can spend 19.95 and get hair clippers that will cut your hair, and may even look pretty good. So with that being said, what can more expensive hair clippers do?

  1. They can be wireless. Cordless devices help your barber have more freedom when moving around your head. Dragging a cord behind a hair clipper create problems. The last thing you may want to hear from the person trimming your hair is “whoops”.

  2. They are quieter. Can you imagine generations of men growing up with the loud, nagging buzzing of hair clippers around their skull when getting a trim. The humanity. Put out a few more bucks and stop the madness with whisper quiet clippers that may have you sleeping like a baby.

  3. They can cut even wet hair. Look, busy people can’t always wait for their hair to dry when getting a hair cut. Using another noisy appliance like a hair dryer? Not acceptable. Expensive hair clippers can cut right through wet hair without the wait or the noise.

  4. Variable speeds. Many have only experienced hair clippers with an on or off switch. There’s more out there…like variable speed clippers! What type of witchcraft is this?

  5. Heavy duty motors and unbreakable bodies. You wouldn’t drive a car with a cheap engine or cheap body. Why would you cut your hair with something of similar attributes?

Keep in mind, the the best hair clippers may not be sold with all-inclusive packages. You may have to fork out extra for blade, comb, and trimmer sets. Its all good. Spending money on yourself feels good.

The Most Expensive Hair Clippers

Even the most expensive, mass produced hair clippers are sadly affordable. Here are some of the more expensive options.

  1. The Oster Outlaw 2-Speed Turbo Boost – This is a professional hair salon clipper, that delivers power while maintaining its light weight. Who wouldn’t by anything that has “turbo boost” in its name? Less than $100 bucks.

  2.  The Andis 5-Speed Hair Clipper – This comes with a detachable blade kit and although it is corded, it offers an optional rechargeable kit. Thie base price of about $125 that can grow with options.

  3. Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper – This is just beautiful. In a magnificent, unbreakable polished aluminum silver case, this clipper is a work of art. Yes it cuts hair. They all do, remember? You won’t feel clipped by it’s $110 price but comb, hair guards, and shears not included.

  4. The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper Model BGR+ – With a detachable blade, this cordless clipper will cut hair for an hour between charges and has a rotary motor. It looks and feels good, fits all Andis Ultraedge and Ceramicedge blades that are sold separately. It’ll set ya back $200 plus blades, options, tax, and title.

That’s it? Two Hundred Bucks?

Look, if you want a diamond encrusted or gold plated hair clipper, buy the the Andis BGR+ and take it to your jeweler. For all practical purposes, you can get one of the best clippers mass produced with plenty of options and extra blades for less that $400. Buy two or three for back-ups if it makes you feel better.