The World’s Most Expensive Ski Chalet: A Snowy Story of Wealth

Some people love spending hours on a beach relaxing in the warm sun. Others prefer to head up s snowy mountain and listen as winds howl around them threatening to take off the roof. If you’re the later, this ski chalet might be just the place for your next vacation. 

Lovely Austria

Austria is noted for a few things:

  • Seven thousand calorie pastries 
  • Vienna 
  • Lots of snow 

Snow Glorious Snow

If snow is on your mind, Austria should be on your mind as well. The world’s most expensive ski chalet is located in the heart of Austria. While Oberlech may not be what comes to your brain when you think luxury, perhaps it should be. This resort is the place to be when you want to experience a winter while you hot tub and drink fine wine. Getting there is easy. All you have to do is fly into Zurich. Then, grab a really tough vehicle and head out two hundred kilometers until you’re there. Two hours later and you’re deep in the heart of it all plus snow. Lots of snow. 

Winter is King

For the mere cost of a house, you too can spend an entire week in this secluded resort. You’ll be over seventeen hundred meters in the air but don’t worry. Your sky chalet awaits. Winter is your friend here and they know it.  All starts with a fabulous building that looks just like the ski chalet in Austria of your dreams. The three story building is all stone and wood. Inside, it gets even better. This is modern day luxury with a traditional touch. Oh sure you may be thinking where’s the cold drafts and the rustic fireplace? It’s all here as well. Charm is everywhere at the world’s most expensive ski chalet. Charm but the sort of charm that means you don’t have to worry the fire’s gone and you’re going to have to huddle under blankets and eat cold soup until the lights come on again. 

A Private Suite

When you enter your private suite here, you’ll find lots of amazing things. Like fresh flowers and modern furnishings. There’s even a heated toilet seat. Should your backside get cold when you fall as you snowboard, don’t worry. You can come inside and warm it up again. The private terrace is also yours to savor. From above the mountain, you can see others who don’t get to stay in the world’s most expensive ski chalet. 

Amazing Amenities 

The perks don’t end there. A stay at the world’s most expensive ski chalet comes complete with other amenities. Hungry? All meals are included. Why toast marshmallows by the fire when you can head downstairs to a full course breakfast complete with dozens of cheeses and freshly baked bread. Three meals a day are served. Nothing wets the appetite other more than the ability to pretend you really know how to do that full double front backwards corkscrew 435 with five grabs. When you’re done attempting to ski jump and grateful you haven’t broken your neck, head to the spa here. You deserve a hay sauna. You need a scented steam room and a color coordinated shower thingy with fifty five buttons that do god knows what. You’re in the finest ski chalet in the world.