The Most Expensive Welding Helmet and Why It’s Totally Worth It

Welding can be an expensive and dangerous profession and without the right protection you can harm your eyes, your face, and much more. For those that weld as a job you are going to want the best of the best to protect yourself while welding. For those that weld for fun, you are also going to want to buy the best that the world has to offer. Your welding helmet makes a huge difference in how well you are protected so why not opt for the best?

What Does a Welding Helmet Do?

Your welding helmet does more than you think. Your welding helmet protects your eyes, your face, your neck, and even your breathing so that you can be completely safe during the welding process. The shield protects your eyes from harmful light that is emitted when the welder is in use. The hood helps to protect your neck and face from flying sparks that might be cast off while your welder is in use. The rest of the mask also helps to protect you from harmful offgas that is put off as you are welding as well to make sure that you are completely protected no matter what.

What is the Most Expensive Welding Helmet?

Though most welding helmets are in the hundreds as far as cost goes, there are some that far exceed that price point. Pureweld is a great brand that offers tons of fantastic welding helmets that are not only perfect for beginning welders, but also for those that have more experience and are looking to get the best welding helmet that they can afford. One of the most expensive helmets that you can buy from the brand is the PAPR Blk Welding ADF HE Filter helmet. This helmet retails for over $2500 and is the best of the best. The most expensive mask and filtration system is going to help protect you completely so that you can keep working and keep from being injured.

Do you Need the Best?

  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Durability

The simple answer is yes. The best mask is going to protect you no matter what kind of welding you are doing and is going to help you make sure you are protected no matter what. Though it might seem like you are spending way too much on your helmet, your helmet can mean the difference between your being protected while you work and your being vulnerable to all the nasty injuries that can come from welding. A more expensive helmet is also going to offer you a higher quality than a cheap helmet and is going to offer you a helmet that is easier to use and that is going to be better all around. Lastly, you can expect very expensive masks to last longer than cheaper options. This means that you are going to be able to use your mask longer and therefore spread the overall cost of your mask over time rather than your having to shell out money each year for a new mask.

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