Office workouts to become a healthier you

If you are like most professionals, you spend a lot of time at the office. In fact, many professionals spend so much time at the office that they don’t take care of themselves let alone have time to work out. You are probably thinking you will start living a healthier life soon, pushing it off for tomorrow. The problem with procrastination is that it can keep you from your goals forever. Living an unhealthy life affects your mind as much as your body. That means it can reduce your productivity at the office.

Working out is vital if you want to be at the top of your game on a personal and professional level. Some studies suggest we need three hours of physical active per week. That is less than 30 minutes you have to dedicate each day to enhance your overall performance and wellbeing. On top of that, working out reduces stress, gives you more energy and adds years to your life.

It is hard to imagine why people don’t work out given all of these great benefits. You are probably thinking you don’t have time to work out. But, No matter how busy you are, you can make time to work out and stay healthy. There are several great workout options you can do while at the office. So, even if you live at work, you will be able to find time to stay healthy.

Running in Place

Running in place is the first exercise you are going to learn. This one is often overlooked, but it is valuable. No matter how busy you are, you will be able to fit it in. Running in place for at least 20 minutes at a time will give you the best results. But if you only have a few minutes here and there, it can still work. Make sure to clean out some space around your desk when you run in place. This will help you avoid bumping into your desk or office equipment.

It is important to have good running shoes. If you don’t have good running shoes, you are putting yourself at risk for shin splints and other injuries. Your office most likely has a dress code. But you can find running shoes that are designed like dress shoes. You get the best of both worlds.

Half Jacks

Half jacks are another great way to keep up on your cardio. Half jacks are just like jumping jacks except you only extend your arms and legs to half the distance. This is important for an office setting because even if you think you are aware of your surroundings, you still run the risk of damaging equipment or yourself.

You should start off doing 300 half jacks a day. It does not have to be all at once. In fact, you want to stretch them out over the entire day. Do them in sets of three.

Raise The Roof

This is another great exercise that helps with cardio. In case you’re wondering, raising the roof is exactly what it sounds like. For this exercise, walk in place while raising your hands up above your head and then bring them back down to your sides. Raising the roof will not get your heart rate up as much as running in place, but it is a great warm up exercise.

It has the added benefit of getting you out of your comfort zone as you try to explain your new dance move to your coworkers. You can buy small weights and keep them in the office to make this workout more effective.


Squats are an excellent full body exercise. They will help build your leg and back muscles. Squats are easy to do. Stand with your feet about shoulder length apart. Next, put your arms straight out in front of you and squat down as close to the ground as you can while keeping your back straight up and down. Your goal is to do between 50 and 100 squats a day.

This goal is not as hard as it sounds. Just do 20 squats at a time throughout the day. Breaking up your workouts into small chunks during the day will make them a lot easier.

Chair Dips

Doing chair dips is a great way to work out your triceps. Position yourself with your back towards your chair. Place your hands on the chair and lower yourself down below the chair and push yourself back up. Make sure you use a chair without wheels for this exercise. Don’t ask me how I know.

Your goal should be to start off doing between 50 to 100 chair dips per day. You can break them up into sections of 20 to 25 each. It is also important to give yourself enough room for this exercise. You don’t want to risk bumping into your desk or other objects in the office.

Lifestyle Tips

Working out is a great start. However, it is only part of a healthy lifestyle. There are other things you need to do. You need to get plenty of sleep and eat healthy food. You also need to manage stress.

Eating healthy is only hard when you are starting out. Once you get into the habit of watching what you eat, it becomes easy. You can even start small. For example, replace one meal a day with something healthy. If you drink coffee or energy drinks in the morning, try ginseng instead. Eat grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. You can get a smoothie instead of soda.

Challenge you to implement these healthy lifestyle tips for 30 days. Keep track of your progress. Right down how you feel every day regarding energy, stress, and overall wellbeing. You might be surprised by the difference at the end of the month.

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