The Most Expensive Surfing Longboard: A Full Breakdown

Hang Ten, for a Cool 100K

Surfing has had a romantic appeal reminiscent of days spent in the waters off of California and Hawaii for so long, this aesthetic is now part of America’s west coast lore..

Anyone looking to capture, and keep, that always summer surfer mindset needs to check out this Marc Newson longboard that is truly a work of art!

And, because there are only ten of these in existence, it is likely that the value has increased. Substantially. This board is really something special, and with a limited number in the production run, it’s price tag matches the uniqueness, to say the least. If you are a surfer dude, or just want everyone to think you are, keep on reading and find out more about this rad board that will blow your mind! Newson’s board really has it all:

Check it out:

  1. Brushed nickel. Yep.
  2. Mirror finish for reduced draft. Check.
  3. Ultra coal profile, dude!
  4. Don’t be fooled by the shiny profile, this is a piece that is meant to be ridden. Hard.

Who is This Newson Fellow, Anyway?

This Australian dude is pretty awesome at what he does! Born in Sydney his love of surfing is no surprise. He does it all, sports stuff, furniture, and watches too. His designs are known for their sleek profiles and modern take on items that have been around for a while. Whether he is reinventing a longboard to look like something from outer space, or designing furniture for the Lockheed Lounge, his work is sure to impress. Newson is the embodiment of the axiom that states that when you do what you love, that passion shines through to the end result. His stuff rocks!

Looking to capture that always summer mindset? Check out this ridiculously rad longboard from Marc Newson!

One thing that separates Newson from the pack is the functionality of his highly-designed pieces. Yeah, this board is bad ass and we all know it would look amazing propped up against the wall of any North Shore surf shack, but even more important, and impressive, is the way it handles the waves. Yep, this trick is worth a cool six-figures but it is not a museum piece meant to be kept under glass, it just screams, "GET ME OUT ON THE WATER, DUDE".

The Other Ones

Not feeling the brushed nickel/mirrored surface fantasticness of the Newson board? Fear not, brohan, the boards found here are sure to astound!  Surfboards are cool items in and of themselves, and when you throw in some extra love and care in the production, we can’t help but be smitten. Power boards from Olosurfer is the bomb dot com and handles like the pro you wish you were! 

Surfing has an allure all its own, and for good reason. If you are looking to hang ten and catch some great swell, be sure your board matches your enthusiasm. We can’t all be pros but when our board speaks for itself, it’s a step in the right direction!