The Most Expensive Shears: Cut Your Hair the Millionaire’s Way

Your hair is your crowning glory. Or maybe it’s just that stuff that covers your head and gets in your mouth now and then. In any case, you want your hair to look neat. Or pretend to look neat. A good haircut is always a must. A really great haircut can help your self confidence and make you feel like a million bucks. If you really want hair that feels like a million bucks, start with the right equipment. Today’s shears are better than ever before. The most expensive shears in the world can make you feel like a princess — or someone who plays a princess on television for millions of adoring fans. 

Upscale shears tend to have a few things in common:

  • High end materials 
  • Sharp blades 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic 

The Ideal Material

Whether you’re cutting your six year old’s hair for a school play or having a professional cut your hair for you, the right tools for the job are essential. A great haircut starts with shears that are made from materials designed to provide support, durability and ease of use. The most expensive shears in the world use high quality stainless steel as a base. Stainless steel has many advantages. It can be easily shaped into any desired shape. Steel is durable and tends to stand up over time. Highly sought after professionals may perform dozens of haircuts over time. They need shears that are up to the task.

Precision is a Necessity

Some people go the hairdresser with a specific look in mind. They want to look like Beyonce or The Duchess of Cambridge. Others are content to let the hairdresser make decisions for them. Anyone who cuts hair needs to have scissors that are as precise as possible. You want your hair cut. You don’t want any other body parts cut. The most expensive shears in the world use blades that allow the hair professional to get close without getting too close. They can also be specifically adjusted as needed for each person. For example, one person might want a buzz cut so close that they are nearly bald. Another person might prefer to have their flowing locks shortened by a mere inch so the dead ends can be cut away. The most expensive shears in the world make it possible for any hairdresser to determine exactly how to cut a client’s hair. 

Fits in The Hand

A pair of shears should ideally be like a second hand. You don’t have to be Edward Scissorhands to get shears that fit in the hand perfectly.  The best scissors will fit naturally against the user’s fingers like a pair of gloves. Excellent scissors also make it much easier to cut hair. A hairdresser can concentrate on the desired look without the need to worry that the shears are hurting their hands in some way. Over time, a pair of shears may have blades that become less sharp. The person’s hands may change in some way. The most expensive shears can overcome these problems. Ergonomic scissors easily adapt to the wearer’s hands. Sharp scissors make it easy to get a precise cut. 

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