The Most Expensive Recurve Bow Money Can Buy: What you get for your money

You may be scratching your head, to begin with, and asking yourself a whole row of questions:

  1. What is a Recurve Bow, in the First Place?
  2. Which do Many Consider the “Best One?”
  3. Final Thoughts?

Well, if that’s you, then you’re in the right place, friend. Let’s show you a little more on what the recurve bow is, does and can do for you — along with which one might be your best fit.

First, there’s some crucial factors you may want to look into before browsing online or in store, and one includes the concept of draw weight. If you’re new to bow hunting, perhaps a take down recurve bow can serve your needs best as it’ll allow you to more fluidly adjust your draw weight when using it. Just remember that draw weight isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. The bow’s totaled weight is crucial to consider as well. Do you really want to be lugging around something heavier than a bag or rocks throughout your entire expedition?

Beginners should consider a 2-4 lb. recurve bow for maximum comfort: Just think about the benefits of going lightweight, especially for long hikes. But now you may be wondering what a recurve bow actually is and how it may differ from a traditional bow? A great question deserves a great answer, and that answer’s right here in the next point below….so don’t stop reading…

What is a Recurve Bow, in the First Place?

“Basically they are bows with edges that curve outwards. Usually, the bow forms an arch, that when held by the archer, extends away from the body with the edges curving inwards. A recurve bow is build as such, as well, only, the edges do not stop their inward curves, instead, they curve outwards allowing for more drawing mileage for the strings.” Pick a Bow

Which do Many Consider the “Best One?”

Finally, the moment of truth, the revelation you’ve been waiting for — which is the best all-around? Let me start with this: There is no “best”. The very question and its answer are subjective to multitudinous factors. It’s like asking a parent which child is his favorite.

But yes, I know, I know — you still want a definitive answer, so I will provide one to the best of my “objective” opinion….

The best recurve bows, according to many, are the Martin Hunters, which have been around for almost 60 years. They weight two lbs. and provide unrivaled power!

Final Thoughts?

Remember, though: There’s no “one size fits all” solution in the sense that, just as people have different preferences and tastes about different products altogether, so will it be with the recurve bow. Find the one that best suits your budget, needs, physical preferences and overall user feel. Find your best recurve bow now. Start with this great source to help you get some more ideas on name brand, selection and size.

Do you have a particularly pricey recurve bow? Tell us all about it over Twitter or drop us a line. We’re always interested in pricey hobbies. Until next time!