Why Are Black Sclera Contacts So Expensive: Three Things That Will Surprise You

The black sclera contact is a totally awesome item that will black out your eyes and make you look like a monster. They are often used in Hollywood movies as an inexpensive way to create a scary look. However, they are often outside the limit of the average person’s pocketbook for a variety of reasons.

Why are these contact lenses so expensive? There are several different reasons that they remain pricey. We’ll take a look at the three most important to give you a glimpse into these high-quality items. While you will have to save up a bit to afford them, if you want to scare the pants off your dad this Halloween, there’s no better way.

1. The Material is Not Cheap

These contact lenses are made out of what is known as a hydrogel material. This material is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. That’s because these contact lenses will cover more of your eye and have a higher possibility of causing irritation and other concerns, such as red-eye or even the possibility of blocking oxygen flow to your eye. Trust us when we say that this is definitely a bad thing.

As a result, they must be made out of material that is comfortable and which allows your eye to breathe a little more smoothly. This material is not cheap and adds quite a bit to the cost of these lenses. The process of turning them black is also not inexpensive. As a result, you have a contact lens that costs you more than you might be anticipating. But hey, it’s worth it for that shocking monster look!

2. Keeping the Center Transparent

Another reason that the cost of these lenses is so high is the need to create a transparent center. While the blackness of the lens is total, the center will be transparent to allow you to see. As a result, contact lens specialists need to take the time to add that extra bit of material.

They do this by fitting the lens on your eye and seeing where your pupil is located. Then, they make sure that you can see through it. All of this extra work adds cost to their production and takes a little bit more money out of your wallet or purse.

3. Scleral Contacts Can Be Used for Medical Purposes

The original development of these contact lenses wasn’t simply to annoy or frighten your parents and neighbors, though they are still fun for that purpose. They were designed as an alternate contact lens for people who couldn’t wear those types. For example, they are designed for people with :

  • Irregular astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Smaller than normal eyes
  • Errors due to LASIK surgery
  • Vision problems beyond standard contact power

This medical design is part of why they remain an expensive option for many people. They have been tweaked and adjusted in a variety of ways to make them useful for individuals with varying degrees of vision damage. As a result, specific preparation methods are necessary for designing and crafting these contacts. These methods increase the cost a bit.

Finding These Contact Lenses

These days, a growing number of people are seeking out these contact lenses and trying to use them for either decorative or medicine purposes. If you want to black out your eyes and create a startling look, there is no better way to do that. These contact lenses are a great Halloween item because they can last for years and give you a nearly automatic disguise. That makes their high price more than worth it for weirdos like us who want to look crazy and wild on the year’s spookiest night!

The Most Expensive Lacrosse Stick: Why the huge premium?

Lacrosse is considered one of the fastest growing games worldwide, with an estimated half-million players. Yet there are many who have never even heard of the game. Since the mid 1900’s, the game of lacrosse has expanded to include  school-age kids, high-school leagues, elite college programs and a professional sports league.

To win, one team scores more goals than their opponent. The ball movement – throwing and catching the hardened lacrosse ball is done with the lacrosse stick up and down the field – similar to soccer or football. 

How would one value a lacrosse stick?

Ultimately, the value of any lacrosse stick is never the same, because their inherent value is contingent on a player’s size, age, gender and competitiveness level. Frankly, there is no one stick that could be legitimately considered ideal for every player, however each player can design their most kick-ass stick – just the way they want. As such, any premium value associated with a lacrosse stick is calculated upon the intrinsic value of the lacrosse stick that you have created for yourself.  

While the game of Lacrosse might appear to be a new field game; its really just a ‘stickball’ game invented by Native Americans. US Lacrosse

Native Americans crafted lacrosse sticks from wood, while modern lacrosse players play with high-tech sticks. Each lacrosse stick is constructed of several parts which can either be purchased separately – to create your best piece of equipment; or bought finished, ready for action. In the digital age, wooden sticks are a rarity and, they are not allowed by most lacrosse associations.

The Shaft Material

The type of shaft you want is contingent upon the position of the player, or the player’s  style.  Commonly used materials include:

  1. Aluminum – This is the most often used material. It is lightweight, and somewhat durable, but not strong enough for attack positions.
  2. Titanium – Titanium is an ideal choice however, however, the player’s position will determine which titanium blend is best.
  3. Composite – This shaft is made of carbon graphite, which creates a flexible, yet durable shaft for midfielders or attackers.  Be careful, extreme cold makes carbon graphite brittle and difficult to play with.

The Head

The head of the stick is a fundamental part too. The options for lacrosse stick heads are plentiful. Be sure the head you purchase meets the sizing specifications dictated by the school or league you intend to play in.  

  1. The Offset – This determines how the head will line up with the shaft. 
  2. The Pinch – This is related to the lacrosse head’s width. The perfect pinch is directly related to the position being played. 


Traditional lacrosse sticks were made of wood that had been bent to define the stick head. The more modern equipment are finely tuned instruments measured by computer programs. 

If the only way you can perceive value is by looking at the stick’s price tag, check out the Warrior Evo Warp S w/ Dolomite Shaft. It will set a buyer back $420. However, the reality is that the most valuable lacrosse stick you can own is the one that feels like an extension of your arm/hand when fighting for a win against a rival lacrosse team.

The Most Expensive Fishing Line You Can Buy: An Angler’s Perspective

You can have the best fishing rod in the world, but if your cheap fishing line snaps under the weight of a hefty bass, you’re sunk. Pun intended. In order to get the biggest, most brag-worthy catches, you need the right fishing line. And usually, a high price tag means high quality. According to Fishing Tips Guru, fishing lines break into three categories: monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon, with the last two being the most expensive options.

The braided line, “is the most expensive, but to me the expense is well worth it. It is [a] very strong line, especially for the diameter.

So, what are some of the most expensive fishing lines on the market today?

  1. Seaguar Threadlock Braided Fishing Line, Blue, 80-Pound/2500-Yard
  2. Seaguar Tatsu 20-Pound/1000-Yard
  3. Power Pro Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line, 250-Pound/3000-Yard
  4. Power Pro Super 8 Slick Fishing Line
  5. Seaguar Threadlock Braided Fishing Line, Blue, 80-Pound/2500-Yard

    Price: $584

    The Seaguar brand literally invented and popularized the fluorocarbon fishing line. They’re one of the most well-known brands in the game. This particular line is a mind-boggling 16-strand hollow-core braid. This means it is ultra-strong, high-impact and heavy-duty for serious, saltwater anglers. 

    Seaguar TATSU 20-Pound/1000-Yard

    Price: $230

    So, this is the “cheap” one of the bunch, but I thought I’d include it as a fluorocarbon option from the Seaguar brand. This line has the strength you’d expect from Seaguar, coupled with low visibility. Tats is the Japanese word for “dragon,” so they want their lines to “deliver an amazingly strong, yet supple, fluorocarbon line unlike any other through a superior, state-of-the-art double-structure process.” Basically, they create a fluorocarbon/braided hybrid by fusing two fluorocarbon lines together. 

    Power Pro Braided Spectra Fiber Fishing Line, 25-Pound/3000-Yard

    Price: $800

    Power Pro is a giant in the fishing line industry, with not only the most expensive lines available, but also some of the most high-quality ones out there. This line is super smooth and extremely strong. It’s constructed with “spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance.” The Fishing Guru suggests this brand. Basically, this is the line to impress your friends with. How decadent. 

    Power Pro Super 8 Slick Fishing Line

    Price: $500

    This luxury line is great under high-tension fishing situations and is super smooth for a lack of friction. It’ll cast a mile out. Obviously, the Power Pro brand knows a thing or two about creating a high-end, quality product. It’s super strong and worth the price for the power you get from that braided line. The fish don’t stand a chance. Braided lines don’t tend to snap when met with a worthy, fishy opponent because there is no stretch in the line, which some people prefer.  

    Honestly, it’s fun to look at these super-luxurious fishing lines, and fantasize about getting your hands on some of the most expensive lines on the market, but it’s not necessarily worth it or needed. There are thousands of line options that you can buy without breaking the bank, or the line itself. Look for a strong, braided or fluorocarbon line from a reputable company and you’ll be able to reel in the fish of your dreams.

The Most Expensive Palm Tree & Why It’s a Real Investment

When I moved to Florida ten years ago, I believed there was only one type of Palm Tree in the world. I soon realized just how ridiculous this idea was because experts tell us that there are 2,600 different palm trees species across the globe.  Does anyone know which Palm Tree is the most expensive?

How does one decide which is the Rolls Royce of Palm Trees?

To begin, we need to understand, for our purpose,  how to value a palm tree? Could it even be done? Is there a way to find the one Palm Palm tree that truly deserves the honorable spot of ‘Most Expensive Palm Tree?’

Yes. this can be accomplished by borrowing concepts from the economic Law of Scarcity:  

The  Law of Scarcity’s foundation is based on the idea that resources (things) are limited. Because if resources (things) were infinite, everyone would have what they need. Scarcity would not exist.

So, applying the Law of Scarcity, can we determine which is the most expensive Palm Tree?

Yes. A Palm Tree that that grows on only two islands a thousand miles east of Africa – in the Indian Ocean, aka, nowhere.

Introducing the Legendary Coco de Mer Palm of the Republic of Seychelles. 

The Coco de Mer was once thought to have originated beneath the ocean. Old lore speaks to the palm seed’s healing powers, including those with aphrodisiac influence. For centuries, the seeds of the Coco de Mer palm washed up on beaches or floated upon the ocean waves. When it was finally discovered that the Coco de Mer’s seeds came from a palm tree growing on land, the original folklore was revised to sustain the mystery surrounding this fantastic tree – and it went like this – For a seed to be produced, the female and male plants must find a stormy night to embrace one another.  

The Coco de Mer seeds became known as the ‘coconuts of the sea.’

The legendary Coco de Mer palm grows in poor soil quality on two ( Praslin and Curieuse) of the 115 islands that create the Republic of Seychelles -located somewhere near Madagascar, if that helps.

This Palm Tree holds great value due to its remote origins, and its scarcity. 

Why is the Coco de Mer Palm Tree Considered the Most Valuable Palm Tree?

Its statistics are impressive:

  1. Height – 82-110 Feet Tall, must grow 20-40 years before flowering.
  2. Fruit – Takes 6-10 Years to Mature; generally two-lobed but can be four-or six-lobed; reaches  20 inches and weighs up to fourteen pounds. 
  3. Record Fruit Size: 19 pounds
  4. Seeds – Require a germinating period of two years. The seeds are the largest and heaviest in the entire plant kingdom. 
  5. The seeds are scarce.
  6. When shedding old leaves, the nutrients from the old leaf are recycled back into the plant. In other words, this palm tree recycles itself..

Botanical experts suggest that the Coco de Mer Palm tree rivals the Redwoods in California. The Coco de Mer palm rocks, even without the distinction of being the most costly Palm Tree. 

Other expensive palms and some for the rest of us.

While the Coco de Mer Palm maybe considered the most expensive or most valuable palm tree, there are plenty of other palm trees that cost a pretty penny.  Their cost is usually based on their size – the bigger, the more it costs.  If you are looking for a palm tree for your home, you can actually have one shipped from Florida to pretty much anywhere in the world through sites like: RealPalmTrees.com

Their selection ranges from small palm trees like this Pygmy Date Palm to palm trees that cost near $10,000 like this 12-foot Senegal Date Palm. So if you are looking to add the peace and tranquility a palm can add to your yard, check them out.

The Most Expensive Pool Cue You Can Buy: Are they worth it?

The most expensive stick ever sold was made by McDermott Cues. The Intimidator cue sold for $150,000 to an unknown buyer during the 1990’s. The stick was made from a chunk of steel that weighed over 80 pounds. It had over 300 various inlays and ended up with a final stick weight of just under 10 pounds. The final product looks like a weapon straight from the dark ages that would cause the shooter to lose an eye if they miscued. Hardly a stick anyone with any talent would want to try and shoot with. With the insane cost of the Intimidator, it begs the question as to why someone would pay such a high price for any cue?

Bar Cue vs Branded Cue

Let’s face it. Branded cues are beautiful. They have style and make you look better than you actually are. Just like the phrase, "everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time", well everyone strokes their stick in the exact same way to make a shot. It’s not rocket science. If you’re truly a good pool player, it doesn’t matter what stick you use. Do you want to mess with an opponent’s head? Walk into a bar carrying a $500 cue and case, then go pull a bar cue off the rack and take them to school. While a branded cue looks nice, has perfect balance and a solid tip, the key is in how you use it. If you can’t send the balls to the pockets, it’s just another cue.

It’s All in the Stroke

Every person has their own stance and their "signature shot". That’s great, but you won’t get a chance to use that shot in every game so you better be damn good at all of the other shots you need to make. When you play pool, being a "one-hit wonder" is not what you want to be known for. If you get to know a stick, then you can adapt your personal stroke. It’s just that simple. Walking to the table stroking a $1000 cue is nice, but if you can’t stroke your stick into making shots consistently you shouldn’t have wasted your money.

Who Needs An Expensive Stick

When it comes to choosing a stick the following list will help.

  1. Budget – Find the right cue without breaking the bank.
  2. Skill Level – Consider how serious the player is.
  3. Performance – Pick a cue that does what you need it to.
  4. Style – Choose a look that fits the player’s personality.
  5. Weight / Balance – Select the right weight and balance.

No matter how hard you try to justify buying the best stick on the market, it boils down to how well YOU use it. Looking good at the table doesn’t earn you the win or the cash pot. 

While the Intimidator is an amazing stick, a serious pool player will walk away with their money in their pocket. Only a showboat would buy a stick like that and expect to come out playing their best. Use a stick your comfortable with. After all, pool players look better with a wad of cash in their hand!

The Most Expensive Spice in the World: Three Incredible Facts

Imagine your favorite ethnic food, whether tacos from Mexico, Korean beef bulgogi, or something even more obscure. Today we take for granted that we have access to all flavors and spices, anytime. But just a couple centuries ago, you probably wouldn’t have had access to any of it, because most spices were impossible to come by outside the region where they grow. A wide range of spices used to be incredibly expensive, but thanks to our new global economy, most are pretty affordable today. There are still a few that are just crazy expensive, though. Let’s talk about the king of them all: saffron.

Saffron Is Crazy Expensive

The stigmas can only be picked by hand and it takes 250,000 stigmas to make just half a kilo of saffron, hence its high price. Fortunately, a little saffron goes a long way.

As with any commodity, pricing fluctuates, but you could expect to pay $2275 for a pound of saffron! Obviously if it’s that expensive you might want to buy a smaller package. One reputable retailer is currently selling saffron by the ounce at over $140 per ounce. Why is saffron so expensive? Well, you have to understand what saffron (the spice) is, first. It’s a little piece inside the saffron flower called the stigma. Each flower has only 3 stigmas.

So it starts to make sense why this spice ends up being so expensive. Imagine having to pick all those little strands by hand.

Saffron Is Hard to Grow and Harvest

Another reason saffron is so expensive: you can’t grow it just anywhere. According to a spice company that really knows their stuff, basically it’s got to be a pretty wild climate – scorchingly hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The biggest producer of saffron is actually Iran, and other places with similar climates (including parts of Spain, Greece, and Kashmir) also grow some. To make matters once, the flowers bloom just once a year, for less than a month, and if you don’t pick the stigma right away, they’ll dry up lose their flavor.

Watch Out For Fake and Adulterated Saffron

As with anything expensive (think “Rolex” salesmen on NYC streets, bro), there are some unscrupulous folks who sell fake saffron-flavored powder or who mix real saffron with other stuff that’s just filler. Be careful about buying saffron from shady sources, and never buy saffron that’s way cheaper than other competitors. Because who knows what you’re putting in your food if it’s not really saffron? Bottom line: if you want to experience the real deal, expect to pay a lot, and buy only from trusted high-end food and spice retailers.

So what’s all the fuss about? Why would people spend such a crazy amount of money for flower parts, anyway? Well, saffron can make an amazing difference in a wide variety of cuisines. Stop into any high-end restaurant in a major city, and you’ll find saffron-infused dishes on the menu (and plenty of people ponying up to buy them). Here are a few dishes that use the spice:

  • French bouillabaisse
  • Spanish zarzuela de pescado
  • Italian rissotto Milanese

Now you know: saffron is the most expensive spice. The only question: How will you use it?

The Most Expensive Sofa You Can Buy and Why They’re Totally Worth It

Have you always wanted to buy the world’s expensive sofa?

Bring on that bling!

You have a few choices. You could opt for the Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa. Unfortunately, it’s in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and they’re unlikely to sell it to you even if you ask really nicely. However, you could settle for the world’s second most expensive sofa. The one you can actually purchase. It’s called the Onyx Sofa by Peugeot. It’s all yours for a mere $187,000. If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect focal point that’s guaranteed to awe guests the second they walk inside your home, this one’s for you. 

The World’s Most Expensive Sofa That You Can Actually Buy Has:

  • diamonds 
  • leather 
  • Lacquer

Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa

The Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa has many exciting features. First of all, there’s the diamonds. Lots of them. For your money, you get half a carat of diamonds. Nothing says luxury like a soft with lots of pretty and expensive rocks on top of it. Every single sofa button is decked out in buttons made of diamonds. Nothing complements a dinner party with lots of women wearing their very best bling like a sofa with equal bling. 

White Leather

Another amazing feature of the Plume Blanche sofa is the leather used. This is real leather not that fake kind you find on your average inferior cow. No pleather here. This kind of leather is almost always the right choice for a sofa. Leather is as soft as the proverbial baby’s bottom. Very few things are more enjoyable than sinking into a pile of leather cushions at the end of the day. White is the perfect color for any leather. White says style and luxury. White reminds people that you not only have the money to buy the sofa. You also have the funds to clean it up after someone spills wine on your costs more than a house sofa. Of course, if white is not quite your thing, you can find it in dozens of other colors. This is the perfect way to match the glorious Italian marble flooring or the fabulously intricate Persian rug you put on top of it. 

Details, Details, Details

As is true of so many high end pieces, it’s the details that make it. The Plume Blanche Sofa has a solid mahogany frame. Mahogany is a highly durable wood that stands up over time and still offers comfort and support. At over two meters, it’s over seven feet long. This allows everyone in you house the room to stretch out as you discuss matters of vital importance like why your sofa is one of the best things that ever happened to you. It’s also ideal for those intimate conversations that are all about admiring the soft. Not only that. You also get something really special: exclusivity. Only fifty of these were ever made. So you don’t have to worry that every Tom, Dick, and Harry and every Tracy Diane and Heather also has one. For the truly environmentally conscious, the sofa is also made from totally green items. You’re not only enjoying incredible luxury. You’ll also part of a demanding and discerning consumer that knows great luxury means also respecting the planet. If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, it call all be yours. 

The Most Expensive Scooter in the World and Why It’s Totally Worth It

Scooters are sort of a niche product. Yeah they’re a lot of fun, but most people are going to go all the way to bicycle or skateboard, or just buy a car. The people using scooters to get around are mostly kids, teenagers, and beardy hipsters going to work at the brewery in Austin and San Francisco. This means that even the most expensive mass produced scooters are generally not going to be that expensive. There simply isn’t much of a market for platinum-dipped scooters, encrusted in hand cut diamonds and outfitted with NASA-tuned ball bearing systems in the wheels.

But, custom scooters can get pretty expensive, even if you’re just using what’s already in the shop. As an experiment, Youtuber and custom scooter builder Jacob D’Arezzo created a twelve hundred dollar scooter from components they already had in their scooter store.

What Are The Parts?

The key parts of the scooter are…

  1. A three hundred eighty dollar deck
  2. A two hundred eighty dollar titanium Millennium bar
  3. A sixty seven dollar SCS clamp
  4. Lamborghini-style wheels for a hundred bucks
  5. Hundred twenty dollar forks
  6. Apex silver head set for a hundred bucks

How Does It Perform?

The scooter was built for price without much concern for performance. But, it is incredibly lightweight, and they managed to throw together a really sweet looking green ride. If you’ve got the money to spend, you wouldn’t be feeling buyer’s remorse on this one.

D’Arezzo has also put together the cheapest custom scooter he can. This one starts with a hundred dollar deck and a seventy five dollar bar. The channel is actually pretty great if you like seeing what these guys can pull off just with what’s in the shop. He’s produced the heaviest scooter and the lightest scooter and the world’s "sexiest" scooter as well.

I Want It Pricier!

Here’s our advice: Start with the build D’Arezzo shows on his channel, or as close as you can get, and then take it to a jeweler. Cash out your 401k and spend it on gold and platinum for your rig.

You’ll wind up with a scooter that you probably don’t want to go skidding down city streets on, but it’ll be a nice conversation-starter to hang up on your wall.

In all seriousness though, D’Arezzo’s scooter was made with parts that they already had in their shop. If you’re going for the highest performance possible and the lightest weight, you could well wind up spending two, three, four grand on a custom-built scooter. But the technology behind scooters is already more or less there. There’s not a lot you’re going to get out of scooter wheels and decks by hiring an Italian sports car designer to come in and help figure out how to make it sleeker, faster or lighter. You could have a custom built deck and bar for aesthetics or put platinum spinning rims on the wheels, but scooters pretty much peaked the first time someone stuck some handlebars on a skateboard.

Have an expensive scooter? Let us know about it on Twitter or drop us a line. We love to read about people wasting spending their hard earned cash. Until next time, true believers!

The Most Expensive Tennis Racket: What Pro Owns It?

If you’re talking about the most expensive tennis racket in the world, you’re probably talking about the Proximus Diamond Games Prize. The racket is actually a trophy, made of gold, weighing in at about nine pounds, and totally loaded down with about a thousand seven hundred diamonds. The award costs about one point three million and is handed out as a career achievement trophy to certain athletes. But let’s be honest, this one doesn’t count, does it? If you try to hit a ball with this thing, all those jewels are probably going to go flinging off the strings, creating a riot as the crowd storms the court to snatch the jewels up.

You came here to find out what’s the most expensive tennis racket you could actually play a game of tennis with, right?

Most Expensive Mass-Produced Racket

This one would have to go to the Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original. This is the racket that Pete Sampras fell in love with back in 1985 and still uses to this day. The racket will run you two to three grand, maybe less if you can find a good used racket.

Why’s It So Expensive?

Because it’s the best racket out there. Like a good guitar or a nice sports car, that extra money goes to sheer performance. The first model was actually made for Jack Kramer. This was a wooden racket that played a little stiff. The Jack Kramer AUTOGRAPH was actually the one that professional players loved. It had a nice, tight bounce to it. As they transitioned to graphite, they dropped the Jack Kramer model and explored a number of models like…

  • The Ultra in 1980
  • The Javelin in 1981
  • The Sting in 1982, and…
  • The Ultra II, made of graphite and boron

But it was the 1985 model that Pete Sampras uses that really came to be known as the pinnacle of tennis racket design.

 This racquet established the "Pro Staff" branding as being Wilson’s finest product.

$2,000 Is Less Than I Was Expecting…

Well feel free to go win yourself a Proximus Diamond racket and play with that. The most expensive tennis racket goes for a little less than the most expensive car or the most expensive bottle of wine because, truth be told, the tennis racket is kind of simple in design. There’s only so much you can do to get a nice swing on the racket and keep it legal for the game. Sure you could add a spring loaded handle and compressed-air thrusters, but good luck playing competitively with that. Racket makers are focused on making these products lightweight, which means they’re not going to be loading it down with jewels and gold and platinum. Tennis is a game of speed, reflexes and stamina. A ten thousand dollar racket would be loaded down with bells and whistles you don’t need, and you’re not going to enjoy lugging a twenty pound racket up and down the court.

Still, two grand is more than most of us want to pay for something we’re going to leave in our lockers at the gym.

The Most Expensive Couch in the Whole World: You’ll Never Guess Who Bought It

Are you in search of something that says you’re in touch with the world of fashion?

It’s a four million dollar couch!

That you know and love contemporary art? That you really appreciate something truly special that can actually fit in your living room? Then you’re in good company. One person is on the same page. They bought a couch. Not just any couch. They bought the world’s most expensive couch.  Designed by famed Australian modern interior designer Marc Newsome, this isn’t just any boring, brown, couch you can pick up at your local Jack’s Discount House of Mediocre Furniture That Will Last About a Month Before It Falls Apart. This is a four million dollar couch. You can’t buy it because it’s not for sale. But you can admire it. 

So What Does a Four Million Dollar Couch Mean? 

  • Design Quality
  • Celebrity Association 
  • One of Kind Masterpiece 

The Four Million Dollar Couch

Designer Marc Newsome is someone who look for ways to break down all kinds of important boundaries. His four million dollar sofa has thin plates of aluminum welded across a rounded base. There’s a fiberglass body and rubber feet. At every turn, it beacons people to sit. In this design, Newsome borrows from a very modern aesthetic. He pays homage to the great designers of previous eras who have brought the airplane to life. By bringing modern materials like steel into the living room, Newsome is making a truly original statement. The sofa is called the Lockheed Lounge with good reason. This is where Newsome demonstrates his ability to reference modern science and contemporary interior style at the same time. This couch is the prototype for the space age couch. It could be at home on the set of the Jetsons movie. Or in the middle of your house. 

So Many Places

One of the things that probably most attracted the buyer is the couch’s celebrity connection. This couch was nearly instantly referenced in dozens of places. If you’ve seen it before, you’re not mistaken. You probably have. It’s been featured in many magazines over the past decade. If you were at the Paramount Hotel in New York City, you might even seen it in person. Or at least a version of it. Designer Phillippe Starck put a version of the couch in the lobby for people to examine. Were you in London perchance at some point a while back? If you stepped into Liberty London, a huge department store in the West End on Great Marlborough Street, you might have seen it there. 

The Madonna Connection

If connections with famous designers, hotels and department stores are not enough for you, then perhaps you’ll appreciate another one. The couch was featured in a video by Madonna. Yes, the Madonna. The woman who sings. You might have seen her once or twice or maybe dozens and dozens of times. Madonna saw the possibilities inherent in the sofa and was immediately enchanted by them. She featured the sofa in a video of her called Rain. 

Who Bought It?

We really don’t know. The buyer was anonymous. One thing’s for certain: it’s not everyday that you get a piece of art and place to sit at the same time!  No four million of your own to spend on a couch? You can console yourself with this sixty-five hundred dollar chair instead.