The Most Expensive Carpet Brands: Three Facts You Should Know About

You can put a lot of things on your floor. Your dog, your cat, your best friend’s engagement ring. From Chinese takeout to that ginormous sofa with lots of space for all your best buds, the floor is yours. You know what most people put on their floors? Carpeting!  If you really want to impress, carpeting is the way to go. 

Carpeting is a great option for your flooring because:

  1. It covers the floor,
  2. It’s warm enough to sleep after that three a.m. bash at Dave’s house and you don’t want to climb upstairs,
  3. It will make you look like an adult.

Upscale Carpeting

If you’re going to do carpeting, you want to do it right. You don’t want to settle for just any old look-what-the-cat-dragged-in carpet. You want something that says you’re okay with the finer things in life. You want carpeting so cool it’s practically air conditioning. You also want carpeting that makes you feel glad when you go somewhere else and they don’t have such wonderful flooring. Before you head out to your local home decor store, there are a few things you should know first. 

Expensive Is About Materials

In general, expensive carpeting is about materials. The really, really, REALLY good carpeting option are made from natural materials such as silk and wool. No linoleum or spandex here. This the real deal.  This the good stuff that you want. Unlike other materials, wool and silk also have other advantages. You can walk all over them for years. They’ll not only look good. They’ll look even better. Great rugs, expensive carpeting, look even better after years of use. They acquire age and patina. As long as you’re not say spilling beer on them every week, expensive carpets will look better ten years from now. 

Rugs With a Reputation

Some carpeting companies have developed a fabulous reputation. There’s a reason for it. They offer wonderful carpeting.

If you want carpets that may even make your mother-in-law swoon with envy, you have to look for really great brands. Great brands are an indication of quality. They meet standards and exceed them. 

Top carpeting brands include Karastan, Shaw, DuPont, and American Berber. These are the places to go if you want carpeting that will cover the floor and make your neighbors secretly envy you. In order to get the right carpeting for your home, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration before you start. You want to where to put the carpeting. The basement that floods just a little when it rains? Probably not a good idea. The driveway where you keep your motorcycle? Also probably not a good idea. Your best bets are the places that people see like the living room and dining room. You also want to measure the room properly so you know how much it’s going to cost. 

Let Professionals Do It

Maybe the most important thing you need to know is let professionals do the carpet installation for you. Just because you did the oil change does not mean you’re an expert carpet layer. Leave the expensive carpet installation for the real pros. 

The Most Expensive Font and Two Reasons You Should Never Use It

Fonts. We’ve all heard of them. Some of us even know what they are. For those who were not paying attention in College Fonts 101, fonts are typefaces. Even if your reading mostly consists of silly tweets and obnoxious Facebook posts, you’re going to use fonts. A font is what you see when you look at words on a page or a computer screen. People love fonts. This is particularly true of those who have really bad handwriting. Fonts are pretty much everywhere. Walk down a subway station and you’ll immediately see signs in a specific font.

A font does a few things: 

  • conveys information
  • indicates style 
  • pleases the eye

Buying Fonts

Most people have access to multiple types of fonts already. Open a file and you’ll find an endless array of choices. However, sometimes you have to buy a font. You might want to add something special to your marketing plans for that new business. Fonts can be eye-catching and fun. People tend to notice fonts that stand out. If you’ve looked at the cost of fonts, you may have come across this one. It’s called Lexicon. At almost five thousand dollars, it’s many things but it’s not cheap. If you’re still thinking about using it, there are some reasons you probably shouldn’t.

You want to get noticed but that not that much notice. 

Standing out is fine. Standing out in a crowd can be fabulous. If you’re applying for a job, you want your resume to get noticed and get you an interview. If you’re selling a new product, you want to capture the public’s attention. But there’s a point where standing out isn’t so good. You want to get attention. You don’t want to be the guy who forgot to put enough gas in his car before he went down the ALCAN highway. When you’re trying to communicate to others in writing, you’re doing something very special. You have never met this person. They don’t know who you are and they may not even care. You want to tell them something. Maybe it’s something funny or charming or really important like that fact that they left the car alarm on while they went on vacation and now all the neighbors want to find and kill them.  

Talk Without Shouting

When you write, you want the focus on your writing to be on your writing. You want people to notice what you have to stay and understand your words. A really expensive font may get in the way of that attempt. Fonts with special characters and flourishes tend to cause people to notice the font. When they pay attention to the font, they are not paying attention to you and your message. They are noticing your funny font. This is not how you propose to your girlfriend. It’s not how you let your landlord know you’ve bought a house and you hate your old apartment so you’re leaving. An expensive font can get in the way of real communication between you and the reader. Stick the ordinary font. You’ll get noticed for what you’re saying not what you’re typing.